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  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 21:49 14 Jan 2003
  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 21:49 14 Jan 2003

Ok gotta recover space and replaxce my CRT 17" monitor with a nice TFT display ;o)

A few questions though......

Q1_say i bought a 15" TFT monitor, would that be bigger than say a 15" CRT? I have heard that TFT'z are bigger than their CRT equivilants.

Q2_most 15" TFTs say something like "reccommended resolution is 1024*768 @ 75HZ"
That would be less than my curent res. Switching to that from my res of 1024*768 @ 85HZ on a 17" CRT is very noticable to me now. Or would it be different on a TFT?????

Q3_why is there the massive jump of around £200 for a 17" TFT as oppossed to a 15" er?

Q4_does anyone know of a good site where i can get similar advice so i can stop bugging this forum?????

  Spencus 22:16 14 Jan 2003

ask your question click here

  1st RHA 22:21 14 Jan 2003

tft gives more image on the screen (no borders)

Technology hasn't quite got up to crt on resolution

It is harder to keep an image as the screen size increases

I have a 17" tft, (staples do it for £300) the improvement to my environment is stunning it does suffer in some ways but I am more than happy. go and look at a few and see for yourself.

  TOPCAT® 22:27 14 Jan 2003

click here

click here

Price difference is due to the higher production cost of the 17 ins models. TC.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 22:57 14 Jan 2003

have you got a link for that 17 from staples 1st RHA?

  TOPCAT® 00:31 15 Jan 2003

Staples are not yet an online seller. You have to go to a store. This link should direct you the one nearest to you. TC.

click here

  1st RHA 00:39 15 Jan 2003

a little slow there thanks TC®

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 15:42 16 Jan 2003

I checked in staples but weren't too impressed at their range.

Then i went to PC world and saw a 17" proview TFT monitor for something like just under 300. WTF?
A 17" monitor TFT that cheap, but realised that it had not VAT on and the price was once agian ~£350.

Then i tried click here
and found a 15" Hansol TFT for £233. The resolution is 1024x768 @ 85Hz (same as my old CRT)
( click here - in silver! ). This looked very promising so i bought it! I would have purchased a 17"Tft (~19" CRT) but the at the moment they are far too expensive and look to large in my smallish room.

Anyway very pleased and have saved masses of space. W00t!

  rickf 20:38 16 Jan 2003

Hate to say it but PCW has Proview 17" at £297. Got one yesterday to replace my 15" TFT. Its impressive. Anyone interested in 15". Email me.The reason for the upgrade, simply that I wanted a bigger screen

  accord 20:45 16 Jan 2003

check these people out, click here i got an iiyama 15" from them beg of dec and no dead pixels, worked straight from box, 2 mins to set up, absolutely superb, bargain at £246 incl vat and delivery. rather have this brand than a proview.

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