TFT Monitors

  Gunnebo 20:30 22 Aug 2003

Looking for advice on the pros and cons of TFT moitors.


  sil_ver 20:44 22 Aug 2003

As I see it, Movies and Games not so good everything else good. Still think the technology needs to improve to match CRT by which time the price (hopefully) will have dropped.

  fitfella29 20:44 22 Aug 2003

i bought one last month to replace a 19" crt,big mistake.

sure enough the tft looks smarter than the big bulky 19 incher but if u need to reduce deskspace then go tft if not stay with a crt.

  Gaz 25 21:16 22 Aug 2003

CRT - Pro: Great for games! Con: But bulky and get warm!

TFTS - Pro: Look good, less space needed and cool operation. Con: Poorer resolution, easily damaged.

  Djohn 23:17 22 Aug 2003

TFT's are excellent for all games and DVD movies. If they are running at the correct resolution for the screen size, then you will not see any ghosting at all, except maybe for the cheapest of TFT's and those over 9 to 12 months old.

TFT monitors have come a long way in this past 12 months alone, and I feel soon will be the only type of monitor available.

That is not to say CRT monitors are less able, because they are not, just that they have more or less reached their full development potential. TFT's can only get better/cheaper. I miss my CRT for some reason, hard to define, but I do. But if I was given the choice again, then I would stay with my TFT every time. j.

  The Sack 00:35 23 Aug 2003

If you get a TFT monitor with a response time of 20ms (rising and falling) or faster then games and DVDs look the same as they do on a CRT.

TFT gives a sharper and geometricaly correct image (at its native res)

No radiation

No flicker

No heachaches

Lower power consumption

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