TFT monitor resolution question

  darkster 16:08 26 May 2003

Hi all, I am just about to buy a 17" TFT display but I was a bit concerned about display resolution. I understand that 17" TFTs have a native screen resolution of 1280x1074, but when my old 17" CRT is set to 1280x1074 the display is flickery and the text and icons are too small to be legible (I'm thinking that this is because the monitor is four years old - [email protected] seems right for my eyes). I just wanted to make sure that a modern TFT wouldn't suffer from this problem as I find that small text and icons would strain my eyes more than the flicker from a CRT. (Graphics card is 64Mb Radeon by the way.)
Thanx in advance

  Djohn 16:23 26 May 2003

You are correct in your understanding of the "Native resolution". A 17" TFT will give a display equal to a 19" CRT monitor, and there will be no flicker at all.

TFT's give a very clear and stable picture, with sharp text and graphics. But! In saying this, you will find the text/display is still a little on the small side due to the resolution rate.

A 15" TFT although smaller in display area, (Equal to 17"CRT) will give you a larger text and graphic output, in fact very similar to 800x600 on a 17" CRT. with no flicker at all.

Very easy and restful to the eye. Regards. J.

  Despicable Desperado 16:31 26 May 2003

Also note that in order for the graphics and text to be displayed crisp and clear on a TFT it will have to be run at its native resolution - any lower and it starts to go fuzzy

  cyclingchef 16:47 26 May 2003

Don't forget to try 'ClearType' which can help sharpen text especially on a tft screen.
e.g Display properties/appearance/effects/use the following methodto smooth edges of screen fonts/ClearType

  darkster 17:09 26 May 2003

Thank a lot guys... much appreciated

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