TFT Monitor Ghosting in Games/Windows

  woodbexhill 21:13 23 Aug 2004

My friend has recently purchased a GNR 19" TFT Monitor, response time 25ms.

He has the refresh rate on 75Hz and the resolution of 1280x1024.

Whenever he plays any games he gets unplayable ghosting causing a trail of frames behind the actual game. Also, this does occur in Windows if he moves his pointer fast.

I told him to try enabling vertical sync in games, and adjusting his refresh rate to 60 but it didn't have an effect.

Is this the case of a bad monitor, a dodgy connection, or what?

Responses greatly appreciated.

  wee eddie 21:34 23 Aug 2004

Set it to it's manufacturers settings.

TFT's do not have a Refresh Rate.

TFT's are really only happy at their native resolution.

25 microseconds is the speed at which the pixels change.

  g0nvs 21:34 23 Aug 2004

Set Refresh rate to 60hz. If ghosting still occurs then I think it is down to a poor Response time of 25ms. Hope this helps.

  woodbexhill 22:07 23 Aug 2004

Ok they don't have a refresh rate but how come my monitor is effected by different refresh rates? (the sharpness of the picture).

It would seem it's due to the response time as I think he's running at the right resolution.

  woodchip 22:22 23 Aug 2004

He does not need more than 60Hz refresh rate

  Djohn 22:32 23 Aug 2004

1280x1024 resolution and refresh of 75Hz is the correct setting for that monitor. TFT's are not all the same and it will depend on the type of screen that this particular model has.

Low response times are also not what they first seem as many TFT monitors with a response of 25-30 Ms will be better than some with a 16-20 Ms response time.

Extract from Toms hardware guide.


In fact, none of the manufacturers has used TN technology. Because they are offering high-end monitors, they all use MVA (Fujitsu) or PVA (the Samsung version of MVA).

The issue is that these technologies have not evolved much over the last two years. Their advantage is very good colors and unmatchable viewing angles.

On the other hand, their response time is only 25ms. This makes us doubtful about their suitability for games.

Taken from here. click here If you do a search on Toms site you will also find references to many other TFT's and how some types of panel will give a better display for fast moving games than others.

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