TFT Monitor Ghosting

  quickly 21:23 16 Mar 2004

I recently took delivery of a Viewsonic VP191S TFT monitor.
While I am very happy with the picture,the ghosting and changing text colour when scroling on coloured web pages,is just too much.
My graphics card had no DVI input,so a bought a ATI Radeon 9600,which arrived today,hoping this would improve it,as people seemed to think this would help.
It is now slightly worse with the new card.the actual picture quality being exacly the same.
Do all 19" TFT's have this problem?
The larger screen is a boon,but I would buy a 17" with the faster response time,if this would help.


  albchemist 12:50 17 Mar 2004

Got a 21" Hitachi Monitor(1995!!), with Radeon8500
graphics+XP pro. Was getting very good display until AOL/BT shut down my BB connection. Had to install a 56k modem internally, and all this week I have been getting your problem. At first it was transitory, but having got BB back, tho removed modem,still rubbish display. Suggest checking the card isnt loose-mines very wobbly. If u are fortunate to have a 2nd AGP slot on your MOBO, try using that. try disabling the card and rebooting. Windows XP will also recognise it & use its own driver if u choose to delete the ATI driver as another step. Try shutting down with largest noxno display, then reduce after reboot. Remember YOURE THE BOSS!!!

  albchemist 22:28 19 Mar 2004

I think I might now have the answer, but may not be able to explain in PC jargon. When I tinkered with my PC, and rebooted, the CMOS/BIOS was still set up for the original "plumbing", and I got fuzzy picture, unstable Windows, etc. etc. I removed the battery on the MOBO for 30 seconds, rebooted and just "entered" when the "Flat Battery" error message came up, and VOILA! All better-Only had to adjust the clock which had reset to Jan 1 2003, and everything has been OK since. Sure hope that my solution can be of help to anyone else suffering with double vision!

  Sion 23:01 19 Mar 2004

Make sure you are running the resolution at the monitors 'native' resolution. With most 19" TFT it is 1280x1024. Check these options and change accordingly.

  Djohn 00:43 20 Mar 2004

Also try 60Htz first then 75Htz to see if this helps.

My TFT will shimmer slightly if I scroll slowly using the scroll bar but if I scroll at a normal speed or use the wheel on the mouse it's really minimal and does not cause a problem. j.

  quickly 14:47 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for your advice guys.After alot of playing around,and getting no better results,I have returned both for a refund.

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