TFT monitor + DVD player to watch DVDs

  SloJo 23:13 21 Mar 2005

I am considering getting a TFT monitor for my computer to replace my current 19" CRT monster (or should that be dinosaur?).

Since the TFT will be much more transportable I am thinking of buying a cheap DVD player so that I can simply disconnect the monitor from my computer downstairs, plug it in in my bedroom, connect the DVD player and voila - DVDs in bed.

Will this work? Do I need anything special re monitor/DVD player/connections/cables etc? Does it make any difference if the TFT is DVI or not?

Thanks for your help

  TomJerry 00:00 22 Mar 2005

to convert TV signal into vga signal which TFT monitor can understand or better to get a LCD TV and double it as monitor

There are many of those device, Avermedia has both analogu Tv and digitv versions

for example AVerTVBox 7 click here

  BRYNIT 00:00 22 Mar 2005


You will not be able to use a standard DVD player with a computer TFT monitor.

I think you may find a TFT monitor with a build in TV tuner that will work but are more expensive.

  Ironman556 01:39 22 Mar 2005

If you plan to use it a lot for playing DVD's on your PC then either go high end with a Samsung TFT (The ones I've seen have the best image quality, but you pay the price) or get a nice big flatscreen 19" CRT, which will give much better picture quality on DVD's than a lot of the TFT's, and for a fraction of the price.

I have an LG1710B TFT monitor, while I'm very happy with it I do find that DVD quality isn't as good as I'd expect, the brightness and contrast suffer a little and when watching movies (including game movies) there is some flicker and pixlation. For evrything else it's excellent.

On the DVI point, I've tried my monitor with both connections and havn't noticed any difference, but generally if you get a good quality screen it will have both connections anyway.

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