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  EFC1878 10:28 29 Sep 2005

Inj the next couple of days I plan to buy a TFT monitor.

Having submitted a post before I know that - as I use the PC for video editing - I need a response time of 16ms or less.

I have seen an ad for the following monitor at £150 on e-buyer Viewsonic VA702 17" TFT 12ms 500:1 (1280x1024) Monitor - Silver & Black (3 Years On-Site Warranty).

Has anybody had this monitor or one from Viewsonic 9It is not a name I rcognise).

I was orginally looking at an LG Flatron.

Not sur eif there is that much to choose between makes.

Advice/experiences would be appreciated.

  rmcqua 11:00 29 Sep 2005

Viewsonic are now a well respected name and this looks like a good deal !

  EFC1878 12:08 29 Sep 2005

Cheers for getting back so quickly. Always nice to get another opinion so when I have a break from DIY they might well have a sale

  rmcqua 12:13 29 Sep 2005

That's OK.
They also have an 8ms, 700:1 model (sorry, forgotten the model number) for something over £200, which looks good if you fancy the higher spec.
Enjoy the DIY !

  alan227 16:31 29 Sep 2005

I have a LG FlatronL1720B, which I brought abot 15 months ago, it has a 16ms response time and cost me £328 at that time.
The monitor is superb, no dead pixels and a superb colour reproduction.
I would certainly recommend LG and would buy another one if I have to replace this one.

  Totally-braindead 18:54 29 Sep 2005

Viewsonic are a well known make as are LG but I would recommend trying to see them in operation if you can before you buy. If you try you local PC World they MAY have what you want and you can see if its suitable. I incidently have a cheap 17" TFT £120 I think it was that I got from Aria, 16ms response time and am very pleased with it, since you want to use it for video editing you're probably better sticking to a well know make such as have already been mentioned.

  g0nvs 19:08 29 Sep 2005

Agree with "alan227" had my LG for 2 years would buy another LG when the time for a relacement comes.

  shizzy 22:02 29 Sep 2005

We have two Viewsonics a 17 and a 19. Very nice and no dead pixels. Lowest on the web (Evesham) sell this brand. I would just check their prices.

  GaT7 22:24 29 Sep 2005

Viewsonic is an excellent TFT monitor manufacturer click here.

They've just introduced one of the fastest TFT screens ever - at 3ms, the 19" Xtreme VX924 click here, not cheap at about £320-330. The gamers must be drooling : ) G

  GaT7 22:35 29 Sep 2005

One of the cheapest Viewsonic's Xtreme VX924 is £299 at click here, & this model apparently come out a few months ago. G

  sil_ver 11:16 30 Sep 2005

Got my Philips 170C 17"(12m/s) for £140 off Ebay guaranteed no dead pixels by Philip's for 3 years.

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