TFT And LCD. What is the differents?

  Dearersteak 17:12 12 Mar 2003

OK, I'm a collage student and today I had the clever idea of asking what the differents between LCD and TFT was. My teacher didn’t know, and so I’m now lumbered with the task of finding out for tomorrow. But you all know how hard it is finding the right bit of information on the web when time is not on your side and it never really fully answers your question. So I’ve come to you lovely people.

I know that LDC stands for Liquid Crystal Display and TFT stands for Thin Something Transistor. (i think)But what actual different does it make in the real world if you were to buy one rather than the other? Or are they just to different names for the same thing?

Any input would be great.

  Legolas 17:49 12 Mar 2003

As far as I know LCD is the technology used in TFT. TFT is a type of computer screen and LCD is a technology used in different types of display such as watches calculators etc.

  Dearersteak 18:07 12 Mar 2003

Hmmm, that would make sences. Thanks.

  Djohn 18:15 12 Mar 2003
  graham 19:19 12 Mar 2003
  graham 19:21 12 Mar 2003

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