TFT Hardware problem

  PhiltheFragger 15:36 12 Dec 2004

The VGA cable on my TFT screen has become damaged (Wife'n'Hoover combination)
the cable is hard wired into the screen.

Is it possible to replace the cable,
Do I just get an ordinary VGA cable and cut the connector off and strip back the wires or is there something more to it.

Its a 3 year old 15 inch model, out of any warranty

anyone have experience with these things?

  Diemmess 17:53 12 Dec 2004

At least you don't have high voltages as a hazard, but replaceing the cable is both the obvious way and a potentially difficult thing to do.

As long as you are sure that damage is confined to the cable and doesn't involve the computer's own socket, then sooner or later you are going to have to open the monitor and see what you can see.

Before that, do make sure that all the pins are there and none is bent or missing.

If you can get at the (monitor end) connections and are able to unsolder or disconnect, then you will need a continuity meter to make sure which pin corresponds to which connection. Make careful notes of which is which. If a conductor inside the cable has broken you must find which one it is and note that too.

All this supposes that you can buy a replacement cable, which should be standard for that sort of connection. It makes me wonder if you would do better to let a legit. repair outfit do it for you, but get a quote first.

  PhiltheFragger 22:31 12 Dec 2004

It is purely cable damage, the monitor still works, but the colours are all dark, when you twist the cable the display corrects itself.

Will open her up and give it a go

Thank god its not a CRT screen with those big voltages

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