TFT flickering?

  Inigo 21:52 26 Feb 2004

I keep noticing that my TFT has a slight flicker on it... I can't remember it doing this when I first bought it, so am unsure if it is normal. It's about the same as the flicker on a CRT monitor, I think (I haven't user CRT for quite a while now), and since I'm currently spending long hours in front of the screen it is faintly annoying...

Is this normal? The screen ain't a cheepo one - LG1710B. About 6 months old.

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:59 26 Feb 2004

Inigo, have you checked your refresh rate, should be around 75hz.

  Inigo 00:12 27 Feb 2004

It's currently set to 60Hz, and when I put it up to 75Hz things go blurry... Perhaps because it's on a VGA connection atm, rather than DVI...

  Stuartli 09:29 27 Feb 2004

It sounds like the backlight may be the cause.

Any competent TV repair outlet should be able to check it out for you.

  Stuartli 09:31 27 Feb 2004

If it's only six months or so old, and does involve the backlight, it just may come under the guarantee/warranty cover.

  tomleady 09:56 27 Feb 2004

on my old computer and old monitor, if i had a tv near my monitor, or in fact my pc base near the monitor, it used to flicker.

so maybe you have some interference between the monitor and something else.

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