TFT - does DVI make much of a difference?

  AdeJ 20:08 17 Jun 2003

I'm feeling that upgrade itch again and am looking at TFT displays (need more room on my desk to pile junk on). It surprises me that a fair proportion of even the latest models only have analogue connection - does DVI (I have a dual card) make a significant enough difference to discount all these?

  microswift 21:09 17 Jun 2003

DVI connection does make a difference, in theory it should produce a better display, if you have a DVI connection it gives you the option of running a dual display, plus with a DVI connection you dont have to do any adjusting with the OSD as it's all done for you.

  BrianW 21:22 17 Jun 2003

Ive tried my 17 TFT with analogue and DVI, my experience is, yes it does make a difference.

  Chris the Ancient 21:35 17 Jun 2003

When I went from crt to tft, my whole world opened up. The crispest, sharpest display I had ever seen. Wow, no more crt work for me (gave my 17" desk-cluttering lump it to the wife).

So, microswift and Brian W, how has DVI made it even better? What effects etc. make ny nice desk-space-saving,easy-to-look-at screen even better in DVI as opposed to analog.

Convince me as to why I need a graphics card with a DVI interface card. (And I might)


  microswift 21:50 17 Jun 2003

The DVI connection gives a digital to digital signal without digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversion, you get a cleaner signal and the display is automatically adjusted to optimum.

  Chris the Ancient 21:54 17 Jun 2003

You can call me dense (and will) but my display seems so clean and optimum. Can it *really* be that much noticeably better? It looks as close to perfection as I've ever seen any display!


  Djohn 22:01 17 Jun 2003

I'm with you on this one. I too have a 17" TFT, (analogue connection), If the text was any sharper I would cut my fingers! As for the manual set-up, never heard of it! Analogue TFT's auto tune each time you switch on, about 1.5 seconds.

There is no need for adjustment of any kind, the picture/display is spot-on from corner to corner, no fiddling with any controls whatsoever.

After saying the above, I must admit I have not compared side by side, I have seen both types of connection in the shops, but again, at different times, unable to tell from that experience. All I can say is, if there is a difference, then it is a small one. j.

  Chris the Ancient 22:08 17 Jun 2003

Aaah, I'm not alone.

When I have spare hour, I think I shall have to try it that way. I'll go to some very friendly local - but large(ish) - computer supplier and see if thee is any way to get a side by side comparison. Until then, I feel I'm probably staying analogue and spending the graphics card cash on things like wine and food (in that order).

And on that note, if I don't go now, the cat will have my dinner. That I can put up with, but no way is the cat having my next glass of Chateau Tesco!


  microswift 22:19 17 Jun 2003

I also have a 17" tft with analogue connection and auto adjust, a DVI connection will give a better display however slight, or it may not be so slight, I dont know If it would be that noticeable, I would always go for the DVI connection I just haven't got round to getting the cable yet, if you're happy with analogue connection (and why not) then stick with that.

  AdeJ 22:20 17 Jun 2003

...cos I'm discarding a most available monitors by going DVI!

  Djohn 22:31 17 Jun 2003

If I was given the choice now, and my graphics card had a DVI connection, then yes, I would use same. I think that in all technical test DVI is bound to be a cleaner signal, (No conversion), but whether one can really tell the difference just by looking, I don't know!

What I will say though, is don't cross a good analogue TFT off your list, just because it does not have a DVI connector. There are many more factors involved for a monitor to give a good display. j.

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