TFT cable replacement

  porci 18:39 25 Jan 2004

Hi all.Does anyone have a decent contact for a TFT ribbon for a 380Z Thinkpad? I presume this is what the problem is, because when I play with the upper part of the ribbon the display comes back a bit, but when left alone there is no display at all. THis just happened all of a sudden with no warning

  Big Elf 20:24 25 Jan 2004

Sorry no known contact however the people here might be able to help if IBM can't click here Unfortunately I don't think it will be cheap.

At best this will bump you back to the top.

  porci 20:34 25 Jan 2004

Thanks for your help on this issue. I have been quoted about £1000 so far so I know I am in for a suprise. Dont know what else to do with the laptop cause otherwise its in 100% shape. Pity to trash it

  Big Elf 20:38 25 Jan 2004

The link I posted charges about £165 for various repairs.

I can't actually post what I think about a £1000 quote. I'd get banned.

  Big Elf 20:39 25 Jan 2004

I must admit though I haven't used them though.

  porci 20:51 25 Jan 2004

Hehehehe that was just for the part, not the labour

  Big Elf 21:08 25 Jan 2004

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