Textbridge Pro 11 vs Omnipage Pro 12

  sjbell 17:04 18 Jan 2003
  sjbell 17:04 18 Jan 2003

I need a new OCR package as the one bundled with my Canon LIDE 30 scanner (interestingly Omnipage SE) doesn't seem very accurate. I notice that both the above packages are quite cheap at Amazon in their sale and was considering buying one. However, I notice that they are both by the same company. What are the main differences between them (apart from Textbridge being slightly cheaper)? Is one more accurate? Will one range be discontinued shortly? I would appreciate any comments on these packages. Cheers.

  howard60 17:09 18 Jan 2003

that it is difficult to know which is which. I have an older version of each and neither work very well with XP. One of these days I really must find a different maker and get a decent one.

  sjbell 17:12 18 Jan 2003

Forgot to mention I use XP

  Diemmess 17:47 18 Jan 2003

Funny how subjective one has to be.......

I have had earlier variations of both Textbridge and Omnipage

I was very disappointed with the first Textbridge Pro, and later found Omnipage 10 better.

Then with a deep breath I bought Omnipage 12 and it may not be perfect but it is streets better than version 10.......

With very tiny text or really complex pages it is a long way short of perfect but is near flawless for straightfoward docs...... Yes I know so it should be, but I said this is just my opinion.

  interzone55 18:17 18 Jan 2003

Sorry to throw another program into the ring, but I find that Finereader 6 is very accurate, much better than Textbridge Pro & Read Iris 6 (both of which I used before)


  sjbell 20:58 18 Jan 2003

Thanks for all your help so far. Any other comments / advice?

  woodchip 21:10 18 Jan 2003

Both are owned by ScanSoft I have Textbridge 11 in Pagis Pro3 It does all I ask of it I do not have to do it manually I just scan In Pagis and drag to my WordPerfect icon on the task Bar in Pagis and it OCR's and open's WordPerfect Columns Pictures All kept as Original Very good OCR

  Taran 22:09 18 Jan 2003

Got to agree with the verdict on Finereader here.

I own and use several OCR releases and Finreader is the best of the lot that I have.

It has far better accuracy and maintains complex layouts better than the others that I use.

  sjbell 11:03 19 Jan 2003

Thanks for all your help

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