Text to vocals - Long Shot

  Ben capewell 19:31 10 Nov 2008

Hi Guys, i have looked on google but could not find nothing !!!
I Once saw some software that allowed you to type in your own lyrics , and it would then convert this to some one singing, and allowed you to alter almost anything to produce your own singer/vocals to add to a song that you have made.
Any ideas, im sure it was called something like 'singing leola'. and was about £400.
Thought it was some stienburg software but, does not appear to be.
Any body have a clue, it was about 6 years ago so may be the idea didnt work so they scrapped it !!

  User-1229748 19:36 10 Nov 2008
  User-1229748 19:39 10 Nov 2008

there is more related software if you scroll down,post back if it's not what you are looking for

  Ben capewell 19:10 11 Nov 2008

I found it in the end MMmmmm I found it very interesting, looks like it will take some getting used to using but could be , used right be a very powerfull and fun program to use.

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