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  lofty29 09:54 20 Jan 2008

Hi, just got a acer 19" widescreen monitor, lovely job,but on some sites the print is tiny, have reset size to largest but does not always enlarge.ie newspapers online, any suggestions thanks, resolution set to 1280x1024

  Gongoozler 10:00 20 Jan 2008

Try the keyboard CTRL key at the same time as rotating the mouse scroll wheel and see if that helps.

  johnnyrocker 10:04 20 Jan 2008

depending on your os go to tools/internet options/accessability and put a tick in 'ignore font size on web pages' which should be of use.


  MAJ 10:08 20 Jan 2008

Or if you're using Internet Explorer 7 as your browser, increase the magnification by clicking on the little arrow beside "100%" at the bottom right of the brower window, just above the clock. That will give you the choice to increase the page magnification.

  Miké 12:47 20 Jan 2008

I would suggest trying Opera click here it's page zoom feature ( as opposed to 'Text Zoom' ) works really well.

Before zooming page click here

After zooming page click here

  lofty29 10:51 21 Jan 2008

many thanks guys

  johnnyrocker 10:57 21 Jan 2008

it was solved how?


  Procrastinus 15:34 21 Jan 2008

For Mozilla, try Tools > Options > Content > Default Font Size (Change) > Advanced (Change). OKs all the way back.

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