Text to Speech freeware?

  concise 11:20 19 Jun 2004

Can anyone recommend a good freeware 'text to speech' program please?

  bremner 11:22 19 Jun 2004

Windows XP narrator is free but limited and there is this click here

  Stuartli 12:33 19 Jun 2004

I was going to mention the Narrator from Accessories>Accessibility but beaten to it..:-)

  Belatucadrus 14:13 19 Jun 2004
  Wak 19:22 19 Jun 2004

You could also try Google with readplease.com for a free version.

  Pesala 19:27 19 Jun 2004

If you can convert the text file to PDF first.

  FRANKMAC 20:10 19 Jun 2004
  concise 21:39 19 Jun 2004

and absolutely no offence intended to those who didn't!
Thank you all for your input. I have down loaded Natural Voice Reader and Microsoft Reader. Am running W98 by the way. Haven't quite worked out if NVR neds MR but it's immaterial for me. You seem to get an order of magnitude increase in quality if you are prepared to fork out some cash but these will do me. They read most things but not a couple of 'Literary' discs from ebay. The disc content is good but they had their own text to spech program on the discs which seems to have time-expired. Which prompted my original query. There must be a way round this as the program must have planted some kind of limiter on my PC but that sort of thing is completely beyond me and I may yet get what I have to read them. Thanks again.

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