Text in Popup in NOF ?

  geoff47 02:07 27 Jan 2006

I would like to show text in a pop-up containing an image, for the purpose of giving details of products.
I dont know HTML, but can copy and paste very well.
Is it possible to do this within NOF8? I have searched for advice on their forums with no success.
Any help very welcome.

  ade.h 20:44 27 Jan 2006

Hi Geoff. I'm not totally clear about how you want the pop-up to look. Could you clarify it for me or give an example?

  mco 22:22 27 Jan 2006

hate to mention this, but NOF9 gives you that option.. will now go off (head bowed) and look at other possibilites.There must be some cut and paste somewhere - maybe by 'upping' this, I'll have alerted some code-savvy poster?

  ade.h 22:41 27 Jan 2006

Do you mean that you would like the text next to or below the image?

That's easy to do. Place the image and text - arranged however you like - on the new site page that you will use for the pop-up window. Configure your pop-up size via the link properties table from the location of the link and set the size accordingly.

If you want the text on the image, that's in the image's properties palette.

(Apologies if you know all that stuff already, but I'm not certain what else you could be trying to do).

  geoff47 23:34 27 Jan 2006

I am learning everything and I mean everything as I go.
I have seen on "Proper" sites, "Click on image to see details." And then you see a full discription and the image, when the thumbnail is clicked.
In NOF8 I can use the facility to get a pop-up, but see no way of inserting any text, unless its laid over the image, which isn't suitable.I believe what you are saying is to link to another page, that you resize as a pop-up window, within or attached to the page?
I am sure I can do that, but it seems too easy....only joking.
Is the number of pages limited, when building a site? Or is that only when you are employing a professional to build one?
Many thanks.

  ade.h 23:48 27 Jan 2006

No limit to the number of pages, Geoff.

The way that I do this is as I described above really.

Let's say that I have map showing people where I'm based, and I want some description to explain it.

I place the map image on a page layout that has no master border - zero margins is what that's called and you've probably seen it in the master border properties palette.

Then I'll put some text below it. The size of the layout area does not actually matter here, because it's the size of the content that counts, but I will always size it just to keep it tidy.

Then, I need to apply my choice of pop-up settings. "Where on earth do I find that" is what I thought the first time I had to do this! But as you may know, it's actually available from the properties of the link itself. So go to your previous page, make your link to the newer page and select the target at the bottom. Target and pop-up window are what you need, then you can change the pop-up settings by clicking add. Don't change the default pop-up window, create a new one specifically for this task.

Make sure that you test it locally, because it's easy to under-estimate how big the window must be in case you have any scroll bars. You can also choose whether any of the usual window functions are available, so experiment with those too.

  ade.h 23:50 27 Jan 2006

"select the target at the bottom"

That was not very clear, now that I read it back. I mean at the bottom of the link box that you get when you add a link.

My advice will apply to text links, image links and hotspots. Not to navbars. That requires a bit of hard code work.

  geoff47 01:05 28 Jan 2006

It is the obvious way to do it of course.
I was trying to be too clever, or at least thinking the task was harder or more involved than that.

I shall try to think simple now....that wont be hard.

  geoff47 01:19 29 Jan 2006

How do I get the pop-up to contain a "Close Window"
and or a "Next" link to either close the window independently or to link to the next item in a catologue? The link is blanked out when trying to access it,from the pop-up page view.
The Next link would be more helpful but the close window seems to be more professional than using the X top right hand corner system.....or am I getting too ambitious again?

(One last question) I should cocoa...

  ade.h 15:09 29 Jan 2006

I don't bother with the close button. When I see that on a pop up, I feel a little patronised; like they thought I wouldn't know what the red x does!

  ade.h 17:13 29 Jan 2006

Further to your query about the "close" button; be careful with the options when you create a custom pop-up window. Some of them are best permitted, such as the title bar and the ability to be resized.

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