text overlapping on screen

  pejay9 11:23 24 Dec 2010

Some of the web sites I visit appear with the text overlapping in small local areas, this may only be one or two lines locally, like this site where at the top right hand corner "a free gift" text is hiding the "search and go" text.
Reason and fix please
I use XP, Google and internet explorer

  Sea Urchin 11:29 24 Dec 2010

Change the zoom level of your browser - if using Internet Explorer down at the bottom right hand corner

  pejay9 12:11 24 Dec 2010

Hi, just changed zoom from 100% to 75% and then 125% it made no difference

  Batch 17:07 24 Dec 2010

This seems to becoming more and more of an issue.

I put it down to the website developers not testing the site in all (or enough) environments.

Web page rendering technlogy is becoming more and more sophisticated and the interactions between various elements are becoming somewhat complex. It can take a lot of doing to ensure that various layering techniques etc. work under all possible conditions. Furthermore, the developers often try to be too clever (in particlular using unncessarily sophisticated techniques) when the effect that they are trying to achieve is quite straightfoward.

I know that doesn't necessarily help you, but it is the way it is.

You could try using a different browser and see how that goes.

  ashdav 17:18 24 Dec 2010

Look at this click here

  GaT7 19:11 24 Dec 2010

What text size (View > Text Size) are you using in IE? If it's set to 'Larger' or greater, text usually overlaps. G

  mooly 19:16 24 Dec 2010

IE8 ?
PCA needs to be run in compatability view to stop text overlapping. Button in top row of browser next to refresh.

BBC weather embedded video much smoother in compatability view.

Credit for that goes to someone else on here... sorry can not remember who.

  mooly 19:17 24 Dec 2010

It was lotvic :)

  pejay9 13:19 26 Dec 2010

Hi,I use explorer ver 7, so no PCA button and Microsoft help is about ver 8 & 9. Tried changing the text size but no luck. the comments by Batch seem logical to me, so will probally have to put up with it untill I upgrade or ....

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