text file comparison

  jimmybond 12:00 20 Jun 2008


Does anyone know - Is there a free tool that I can download, that will compare the contents of two text files, and give me a figure for % of content match between them?


  jimmybond 12:05 20 Jun 2008

sorry I should probably add that I work for a University, and I need to compare two student papers for suspected collusion.
I have already run them through plagiarism detection software, however this includes links to external sources such as databases/internet resources in the report, as well as the 2 submitted papers.
I need an exact % match between the content of the 2 if poss?!

  Covergirl 12:40 20 Jun 2008

I don't know if there's a Windows version of this type of utility - probably, but I used to use COMP /a through a DOS prompt.

Use Windows key & R to get the Run box then type CMD and enter.

In the DOS box (or command Prompt)find the folder with your files in

Type comp /a (enter)
input first filename (enter)
input 2nd filename (enter)
and it will come back with a list of errors.

The results aren't particularly user firendly but unless someone can suggest something better . . .

  Covergirl 12:41 20 Jun 2008

Sorry, just read the 2nd post and comp /a won't help you much in the analysis you require.

  Covergirl 12:43 20 Jun 2008

Try a Google search click here=
Just try one or two of the suggestions from this search

I can't recommend anything sorry - it's out of my territory. Hopefully someone else can.

  QuizMan 12:54 20 Jun 2008

If you have access to Microsoft Word, that has a document comparison facility. However, it will not provide the statistics you need, merely showing where the differences lie.

  jimmybond 13:06 20 Jun 2008

ok thanks for looking guys - covergirl I think the suggested links in your search results may do the same thing, they'll highlight any similarities in the documents, but won't give statistics.

  wiz-king 13:34 20 Jun 2008

Try this link click here they may know of something to fit your requirments.

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