Text cut off when printing from web sites

  Ramshackle 17:21 05 Mar 2003

can anyone help,When I print some (not all) web
pages the text on the right hand side of the page
is cut off short. I am using an epson stylus C82
printer and am running XP.Printer connected via


  Djohn 17:25 05 Mar 2003

Yes, decrease your left/right margins in page setup, before doing a print.

They are most likely set at the default of 2.5, bring them down to 1.0 or 0.5 just for the print out. J.

  leo49 17:26 05 Mar 2003

Forgive the obvious,but have you checked your margins under File/Page Setup?


  Ramshackle 17:50 05 Mar 2003

Hi, tried that setup was set at 1.0 so set it to
.5 but still the same


  €dstow 18:08 05 Mar 2003

Set your printer to print the problem pages in landscape rather than portrait


  Djohn 18:15 05 Mar 2003

Ramshackle, if you can find a web page that's giving you a problem, post it here and I will try as well.

€dstow's advice is also good, and one I also use at times. J

  laneyxx 18:21 05 Mar 2003

Setting the right margin from 1 to .5 would make the problem worse, try Increasing the margin to 3 os more.

  NIGEY 18:27 05 Mar 2003

some web pages aren't very printer friendly,
but ed is right just set printer to print in landscape mode rather than portrait...this will solve your problems m8


  Ramshackle 21:49 05 Mar 2003

click here
Djohn,above is only one page that gives trouble!
laneyxx,That makes it even worse.
NIGEY,yes thats better.
€edstow,as NIGEY's suggestion it is better.

Would appreciate further help if poss.

  Djohn 22:15 05 Mar 2003

First off, your link leads back to this page, is that intended?

I'm using aol, and although you can choose option to print only what is selected on page, (Highlighted text), there is no option for page setup, and I get the right margin cut off same as you.

I then minimised aol and fired up IE6, this gives you option to page setup, I set margins to 0.5m and all text graphics on page printed exactly as seen on screen, even the little monitor under Top reviews. Regards. J.

  €dstow 08:26 06 Mar 2003

There is invariably a load of garbage on web pages that are not needed in your hard copy. What I do in this instance is highlight the part I need, copy and paste into Word. By doing that, it will format to fit the page and you can juggle it about as you wish.


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