text box in userform (vba)

  reddwarfcrew 21:09 09 Feb 2005

I've got a text box in a userform in vba.

However, the text box only allows for one continual string of text and doesn't allow you to put either returns in or formats it so that when you type it wraps the text in the box.

Hope that makes sense.

Csan anyone help me get a text box in a userform that either allows you to put returns in, or at least how to format it so that the text wraps.


  VoG II 21:22 09 Feb 2005

Right click the box, Properties. In the left hand pane scroll down and set MultiLine to True.

To start a new line press CTRL + Enter.

  EdFrench 21:30 09 Feb 2005

Or use a memo box instead.

  reddwarfcrew 21:33 09 Feb 2005

couldn't see the wood for the trees!!!

  VoG II 21:42 09 Feb 2005

It isn't exactly obvious.

I think MS made things unnecessarily complicated with UserForms. Dialog Sheets were much easier, and still exist.

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