Tevion USB-T Tuner

  Pamy 17:52 20 May 2007

Hello everyone, I have recently bought the above tuner. It works OK except that the software slows down my computer, so much so that I cannot use it satisfactorily(the computer) so have had to remove it.
Does anyone know of any other software that I can try that will tune in the TV chanells and let me watch DVB-T with this Tevion device?

  howard64 20:03 20 May 2007

does your pc equal or better the minimum requirements of the tuner? You may need to install more memory?

  Pamy 22:16 20 May 2007

No probs with computer, just want another program

Hi pamy,
seems like a few others are having the same issue
click here
Im still awaiting a response from them regards,
"always on top" it also seems they operate on a different timescale to us.

A few things to check (if youve still got it
check the arcsoft pvr recordings that you havent inadvertantly recorded few gigs of programs
Also i noticed after installing total media 3 +the patch,my hard drive was quite heavily defragmented.
Have you had any previous pvr software installed,as there is a clean up tool before installing in case your getting a conflict with previous software&Finally there is also a firmware update for the device if that makes any difference for you.
I must admit i seem to have been fairly lucky compared to others on the that forum
67 channels,no slow down the only issue is "always on top"
Good luck

  jack 08:18 22 May 2007

Your are not alone with the Tevion
I have a Freecom DVT dongle thingy.
Its aerial is stick to a north facing window by sucker and it can tune into all the digi channels
most of the time.
However I recently disabled it for me to do other work.
When I came to reinstall it and rescan the channels
all it could find were 5- some of which were not available [of the paid for -'Free' variety]
And repeated scanning still brings up only those five. where as previously I had them all
Nothing has changed in aeriel position or anything else.
Ho Hum

  Pamy 08:30 22 May 2007

Thanks for link, Mine worked OK with just as many channels found but computer unusable (too slow)

  Pamy 08:39 22 May 2007

No one repoting that computer has lowed down

sorry pamy
"in terms of same issue" i meant finding alternative software

  Pamy 08:44 22 May 2007

*THE RAVEN*, I will install it again and see what happens. No recordings or full H Drives etc. Have got the clean up tool also, but did not use it

  baldtaco 10:26 22 May 2007

This is good kit if you can get it working with your card [not all cards are supported]. It's what I use in preference to bundled software. Although you will need your original driver - click here

  Pamy 11:31 22 May 2007

Thanks baldtaco, looks a bit too complicated for me. Have downloaded Mytheater and will give that a go.

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