Tevion dvb-t tv stick

recently purchased from aldi,everything fine just wondered if anyone has this item/knows how to have the picture "always on top"

  fitshase 19:46 14 May 2007

don't know about that model but on my tv card I just right click on the tv screen and select "always on top".

thanks for reply,sorry doesnt work on this software provided

  Pamy 22:18 14 May 2007

Once the software is opened and you click on TV it comes up in a small window and remains on top.

pamy tha nks but..
i want it to stay on top even while surfing the net,as soon as i click on a web page its no longer on the top
ie this is available in wmp11

so basically i want to view tv in small window whilst viewing web page full window,so no matter where i click the tv stays on top
hope that makes sense

  Pamy 08:38 15 May 2007

Yes I thought mine did. I could not make it any smaller ,so could only just see screen bellow around edges so unable to work on any other prog. I have had to remove now because I found that it slowed up every prog opening and icons on desktop. I have e-mailed Arcsoft about this prob lem but have not had a reply yet. Are you by any chance having the same problem as me?

no everything else is fine with the exception optical drives disappeared from my computer but theres a patch to correct that,ive downloaded and now back to normal

  Pamy 08:50 15 May 2007

Yes my drives also disapeared, where did you get patch from? Can you give me link please?

should of added

to shrink the picture you have to drag it from the side about 3/4 of the way down
drag inwards diagonally

have you still got the registration card the web address is on there,its not arcsoft if that helps
ill have a look see if ive still got it

  Pamy 08:57 15 May 2007

I registers on line but I still have their e-mail to me

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