testing a faulty mobo and cpu??

  Blokka 07:32 17 Jan 2004

Can anyone tell me is there any way that a faulty cpu if tested in another machine, could this damage the good pc, this also goes for a motherboard to! by putting a good cpu into a possible faulty motherboard.
The reason i ask this is because my fatherinlaw's pc decided not to boot up any more past the post (beep) and in order to test which component is the culprit or even both i was going to test them in my machine but do not want to end up with a dead pc too, so is this safe to do this or not?

  DieSse 08:35 17 Jan 2004

It's impossible for it to be 100% safe - as it must depend on what's up with the CPU. I have done it mysely many many times, wthout problems - but there has to be a small risk - often there's no other way though.

I wouldn't do it in my "live" system - I always have other systems for such purposes.

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