Testing Broadband to exchange

  Graham. 17:10 06 Aug 2006

A friend is trying to set up a new broadband connection. Guess what? Can't get through to the ISP's helpline.

I'm taking another modem and driver round tomorrow. I could use the BT test username - something like '[email protected]' - which proves the connection to the exchange.

Anyone written it down?

  961 17:29 06 Aug 2006

Is it [email protected]_domain

  Graham. 17:36 06 Aug 2006

Thanks, that looks familiar. I'll try it and see.

  Graham. 18:03 06 Aug 2006

Thanks each, they both connect so I can try them tomorrow.

  Graham. 19:20 06 Aug 2006

Found it in my little black book - there's 2:

[email protected]

[email protected]in

  Graham. 19:38 06 Aug 2006

And neither of those 2 work!

  Stuartli 20:25 06 Aug 2006

Are you sure the line is activated for BB yet?

  Graham. 21:19 06 Aug 2006

Yes, they've had a letter, and the ISP's website confirms it.

The modem ADSL light flashes and then stays on steady, albeit a little too quickly for my liking.

And there are no modem arrows in the notification area.

I don't think the modem's been installed correctly, so I shall visit in the morning with two modems, drivers and an extension lead.

  Stuartli 21:53 06 Aug 2006

Is it a USB modem?

My Sagem [email protected] packed up in midweek even though it was recognised on reinstalling the drivers, the modem lights worked correctly when the system was switched on and everything seemed in order.

Swapping it with my best mate's equivalent on his system proved the modem had packed up - fortunately I had just taken delivery of an ADSL modem router the day before...:-)

I think that someone was looking favourably on me from up high, especially as the new modem was ordered on e-Byer's Super Saver delivery rate and arrived, as anticipated, a week after being ordered.....

  Graham. 22:42 06 Aug 2006

I think it is a Sagem. It was sent by the new ISP.

  Stuartli 22:50 06 Aug 2006

If it is it could be worth downloading the latest drivers from:

click here

A number of ISPs are listed in the menu when you install them - if not select Other.

Mine was originally from Tiscali but, obviously, worked with TalkTalk although, for some reason or other, the usual Windows Dialup manual configuration failed to work; the only way it would was by using the Internet ADSL shortcut on the Desktopm which just lists adsl rather than my entered 0,38 in the Connections tab's phone number box.

Calling this up direct from Network Connections, just as with the TalkTalk shortcut, failed to establish a connection.

It might just work for you...:-)

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