Test DVD Discs

  Tall 22:35 10 Apr 2006


I have had DVDs "freeze" at intermittent points when playing video files, either on my PC or on my DVD player/recorder. I've eliminated everything bar the media, so I have some dud discs. I would like to run a test on each disc to confirm which are ok and which are for the bin.

I've used a program called dvdinfo, but I'm not sure I trust its results. I've also tried copying big data files to a DVD, but that doesn't tell me if it's encountered dud sectors and/or had to retry a block many times before succeeding.

Does anyone know of a program that will burn to a DVD and report back how good or bad the disc is?

Many thanks.

  Newuser3605 22:48 10 Apr 2006

I'm new to DVD film making and have also experienced some problems and wonder whether a cure could be to buy the best quality disks available.
I use the printable type.
If any has found something brilliant, it would be great to hear about it.
I don't think I have hijacked this query as I believe the answers might be connected.

  dms05 10:10 11 Apr 2006

I've had this problem on and off for years. I bought quality DVD's and some worked whilst others don't. I've tried the duds on my DVD Recorder, my Acer laptop and my Toshiba laptop - they don't work on any. I've tried to obtain refunds but various suppliers say 'expect some duds' and typically say 3-5% even on quality blanks. It's not good enough but that's how it seems to work. People recommend 'find a brand that works on your set up and stick with it'. I've tried that but all manufacturers seem to have quality problems from time to time and I'm convinced they then 'tub' these rather than put them into 'jewel' cases.

So I've decided to use the cheapest DVD's from a quality brand and accept I will have duds. After all a 22p dud isn't as bad as a £1.50 dud. My last purchase was TDK click here and they seem as good as any and are 22p each + VAT.

The previous make (Ricoh 16x +R) seemed to have lead-in code problems and often reported themselves as CD+RW but wouldn't work even as that! If anyone knows how important/reliable the various lead-in codes are it would be very helpful to have a run down on what they do and how they work!

  Starfox 11:51 11 Apr 2006

Just like dms05 I too have had this problem on and off for years but since I started to use Phillips DVD's I don't think I have had one dud disc.Might be co-incidence but perhaps worth trying.

  Tall 13:21 11 Apr 2006

Thanks for the replies. The discs, by the way, are Verbatim, which I bought about a year ago.

What I would really like to be able to do is run a program that will scan a disk and tell me if it's faulty, rather than my having to find out the hard way, 1/2-way through a must-see recorded football match.

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