tescos internet phone and skype voip problems

  fymlor 14:54 02 Dec 2007

if i upload/download files the same time as when i am on telephone call through my pc the quality deteriates so much that i can not hear anybody anymore.the same problem happens if i just use my webcam the same time as the usb telepphone.i have got virgin media cable internet connection with 20mb download and about 700 something upload therefore this should be adequate enough to both of this tasks without interfering, does anybody know of a package or software solution or trick or fix or anything which i can use or do to allocate permantely enough of my upload/download to the usb telephone device so that the speach will not deteriote and if anything the file upload/download will just slowdown. in other words making sure that my usb telepone has priority on my bandwith. I use windows xp service pack 2 and tescos internet telephone and skype
thank you very much, in anticipation for your help.

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