Tesco.net keeps asking if I want to disconnect

  hugeb 20:54 27 Jun 2003

Can anyone help with a very annoying glitch.
Whilst online Tesco.net appears every 30 seconds or less asking if I wish to disconnect. How do I stop it?
It's probably something simple but.....I can't think how to cure the problem.

  mammak 21:08 27 Jun 2003

what os are you ect, it doe,s seem a very short time to ask you this ie: winxp doe,s promt after 15 min,s or so idle, but i wouldnt think this was your prob,it sound,s like a naff ISP to me but stick around there is a good lot on this forum that will help you, regard,s Mammak

  hugeb 21:27 27 Jun 2003

I'm running 98SE. my problem is that when online I am continually having to click 'NO' to make the box disappear.....it's really annoying

  Bodi 22:06 27 Jun 2003

I think you can put this right yourself, but for the life of me cannot remember where it is.

Somewhere (not very helpful, but someone will know what I'm refering to) there is an internet setting with something like "disconnect after idle for xx minutes". You can alter or disable this.

Will have a peep around my computer and see if I can find it. I'm using Win98se too!

A not very helpful,


  Bodi 22:12 27 Jun 2003

It's in modem properties/connection

hope this helps


  steven_frost 22:44 27 Jun 2003

to be honest i'd dump tesco's.net they dont have they have to many users for their severs

  hugeb 23:41 28 Jun 2003

Thanks Bodi.
Seems to have done the trick....
I agree with Seekit... Tesco net is much faster than AOL or Freeserve....I regularly connect at 49.6

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