Tesco pc, Dell Studio

  Reet 11:26 18 Mar 2009

The Dell Studio 540 C2Q 8200 £748 at Tesco Direct
Would this PC be suitable for photography and photo manipulation? Your views would be much appreciated as this is a new area for me and I can't afford to make a mistake. Thanks.

  MAJ 11:35 18 Mar 2009

Yes. It has a good processor and plenty of memory plus loads of space to store your photos and a DL DVD Rewriter to backup your photos. If you can afford it, an external drive would be a great addition for extra backup space.

  Reet 10:52 19 Mar 2009

Maj,thanks for your reply. I went to Tesco yesterday but this deal is not available in the store. I was about to order on line when I spotted the post by 'Second Best'regarding problems with the Dell 540 pc. Should I have any reservations bearing in mind I would be dealing with Tesco if anything went wrong? Thanks Reet

  MAJ 11:40 19 Mar 2009

I have just read Second Best's post, it doesn't inspire confidence does it? I have used many Dells over the years (I'm using one now) and, personally, have always found them reliable. While I was answering your original question about it's capability, rather than it's reliability, I would now be dubious about buying this particular model although hard drives can fail on any machine at any time, maybe Dell got a bad batch of drives, it's possible.

"Should I have any reservations bearing in mind I would be dealing with Tesco if anything went wrong?"

You are correct in saying that your initial contact, in the case of problems, will be with Tesco, but Tesco don't repair computers, so they'll be dealing with Dell, it could draw out any repair times.

Taking all this into account, I would go for another computer myself. You don't have an insubstantial budget so you should be able to get a fairly decent machine for your image manipulation activities. I would try a manufacturer like Cougar Extreme click here who are well thought of on this forum because of the quality of their equipment and the quality of their customer services. Avoid a supplier like PC Option and Desktop Option (both are the same supplier). Go for the best processor you can afford, an Intel i7 is about the best at the moment but might be above budget when everything else is taken into account. Also, go for no less than 3GB of memory. With image manipulation, processor power and memory are most important.

  Reet 16:32 19 Mar 2009

Hi Maj,
Thanks for the link to Cougar Extreme. I felt a little like the new girl in the big boys class when I viewed all the options! I have never assembled the computer specs myself before as I have always puchase 'off the shelf' i.e Aldi, Tesco, John Lewis. I've been very lucky, never had a problem that this forum has not solved for me.I will now do ome serious study! Thanks again,Reet

  MAJ 21:08 19 Mar 2009

Just as an example, Reet, the system below costs £777, including tax and delivery, from Cougar.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz 12Mb Cache

4Gb Corsair Memory DDR2 800 (2 x 2gb)

500GB SATA Hard Drive

500GB Secondary SATA HDD

Integrated Graphics card (uses system memory)

ASUS P5KPL/1600 -1600FSB,DDR2 1066MHZx4 chipset G31

2 x DVD+/- RW - 20X (pioneer 115D)

No Floppy Disk Drive

22 Inch LG TFT - W2242S (5ms Widescreen)

Keyboard & Mouse Set Black and Silver

Integrated Sound Card

Intergrated Monitor Speakers

32 BIT Windows Vista Home Premium

13 Month Warranty

Free Carriage

It should make short work of all your photography and photo manipulation tasks. I haven't upgraded the included on-board graphics card as graphics cards aren't my thing, someone else will advise you on that, but the integrated graphics, although thet use some system memory, should be okay for your needs.

  Reet 17:39 20 Mar 2009

Hi Maj,
thanks for your example, it has helped me a great deal.I did a practice run based on your suggestions and it was'nt at all painful. I think I will stick with these specs. When the warranty expires I may upgrade the Graphics if necessary
Thank you for you valuable time, regards Reet.

  briandy 19:23 27 Mar 2009

I bought a Dell Studio pc running Vista about five weeks ago and have had a long series of Vista problems since then. After two one and a half hour support calls the problems are still unresolved and Dell asked me what I would like to do. I said that ideally I would like to abort Vista and asked if they could supply me with a set of xp discs. The support techie said that it may be possible and went to talk to his supervisor but then came back and said that the machine was not compatible with xp. I don't understand why, as I thought any modern piece of hardware would run vista, xp or linux. Am I being too suspicious or is he right? It is an Intel quad core processor but I have no idea what the motherboard is but I did not think it mattered what the hardware was.

  Mike D 13:49 28 Mar 2009

I am pretty sure that if you rang Cougar they would be only too happy to advise, providing you have a spec in mind (and the one above is OK)

  Reet 15:06 29 Mar 2009

Mike D, thanks for confirmation, I will be ringing Cougar next week. It will be my birthday then, and I have hinted that a donation to my PC fund would be very welcome!

Briandy. Sorry to read about the problem you are experiencing with Dell. Perhaps you should ask them to replace the hard drive. Start a new post I am sure the folk on this forum will advise you. Regards Reet

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