Tesco Internet Phone

  dms05 16:58 04 Aug 2006

I've used Skype (and to a lesser extent VoIP Free) over the past few months with mixed results. Sometimes SkypeOut (ie calling a landline) can be good, sometimes poor.

I was given a £10 voucher towards a Tesco Internet Phone and with the current instore £5 promotion could buy it for £4.97 - which included a £5 call voucher. So I did. The handset is excellent and the installation simple. The Tesco VOIP interface is impressive. The call quality is absolutely awful, full of knocks and bangs.

I can run Skype and Tesco from the same handset over a 2Mb link so I get a fair comparison. The Tesco handset produces the same bad quality with Skype, my Skype handset won't work with Tesco. Tesco have replaced the handset with no improvement. If I try to run both programs at the same time I get the dreaded blue screen of death.

Has anyone else tried and had better results?

  €dstowe 17:09 04 Aug 2006

I set up a Tesco Internet phone for a friend.

It was pretty awful until I changed some of the settings in the Options panel e.g. removed to options for anything connected with the soundcard to be associated with the phone.

All in all, I think it's good value and I'm thinking about getting it myself.

  dms05 17:26 04 Aug 2006

I normally connect my USB devices through a powered hub. My Skype phone works that way. I have now connected the Tesco phone directly to my laptop and many of the problems are reduced but not eliminated. I can also connect my Skype phone to Tesco.

Calling friends to test the system produces comments from them all 'Skype is much better, doesn't have crackle, doesn't have echo'. Also they say the quality, at the reciving end, is much better on both Skype and Tesco if I use my Skype phone rather than the supplied Tesco handset. My Skype phone cost £6.99 off ebay so isn't exotic!.

  Fellsider 17:47 04 Aug 2006

I got the headset version of the Tesco phone (£4.97 with £2.50 e-voucher) much the same regarding the quality of calls - a lot of noise and echoes.

Now, will this headset work with skype I wonder? it works with a trial voice recognition prog that I'm trying.

At the end of the day a headset for under £2.50 can't be that bad!!

  dms05 13:18 05 Aug 2006

I've tried Tesco Internet Phones Support by email. Not very good. They blame everything except their VoIP system. It's either my USB drivers or my audio drivers or my ADSL line or my laptop. They ignore the fact that my system works well with Skype and that suggests the problems are Tesco's.

The handset supplied by Tesco is very poor despite looking very good. It delivers poor quality sound from Tesco IP and also from Skype on my XP machine. It also delivers very poor sound on my Linux laptop running Skype.

If I replace the Tesco handset with my cheap ebay VoIP phone things improve and Skype becomes usable whereas Tesco IP never is.

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