Tesco dial up - anyone else having problems?

  badgery 15:25 16 Aug 2005

Since this morning I have only been able to get "page unavailable" with Tesco dial-up. The email is OK however.
If I use one of my other PAYG dial-ups (from the same machine) I get through to all pages as usual.
Not altered any settings since yesterday so presume it must be Tesco??
Can anyone confirm similar problems?

  pj123 16:04 16 Aug 2005

Just tried my AOL dialup account and Tiscali dialup account and don't have any problems.

  badgery 16:09 16 Aug 2005

Hoping for confirmation that Tesco is giving problems, but thanks pj123.

  Simsy 19:05 16 Aug 2005

I'm on Tesco dial up.

I got on with no problems at about 4:15 PM today and was on for about 25 mins with no problems.

I just logged on again at 18:20 with no problems and am still here at 18:57.



  BT 09:00 17 Aug 2005

Tesco Dial Up is run by NTL and NTL have made some alterations to their access. They have sent Emails to some users but not everyone apparently. What you need to do is in Internet Explorer go to Tools > Connections > Settings > Proxy Server and untick the tick box and clear any numbers in the Address and Port boxes. I've had this problem for the last 2 days and remembered that I had entered some numbers supplied by NTL some months ago to solve an access problem with a Website.I removed the numbers and all is well including access to the site that required them originally.

  badgery 09:35 17 Aug 2005

Many thanks, it cured the problem immediately!!
I had had replies from Tesco support - but nothing about this 'proxy server' business!!! (or that NTL altered anything).
Thank Heavens for this forum and the knowledgeable members on it.

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