Tempramental Speedtouch Router

  olivalis 14:18 16 Dec 2005

I have recentle purchsed a Speedtouch router and card. At times the end green light on the router panel flashes (It is not supposed to) and I cannot connect. It has at times been ok. I have been unable to use the router for 24 hours now, as this light is still flashing. It had not been switched off and was working perfectly the day before. My ISP denies that it their problem and Speedtouch seem to be less than interested- I think I am a pain in their a----! Has anyone a suggestion?

  User-324448 16:50 16 Dec 2005

Hi Olivalis, I cannot give you any positive help on your problem, but I can tell you that mine is a speedtouch, and I do have similar problems although for minutes not hours, I believe mine to have something to do with the low grade signal I have, only 576 kbps and we are out in the sticks at the end of the line, indeed the telephone cable lays on the floor of a small wood when it leaves the distant pole,I will whach this posting with great interest.

  dunc1234 20:13 16 Dec 2005

a few things to note, flashing light on dsl means no connection. BT lie to their back teeth and will say black is white before they send out an engineer. after getting that of my chest, the dsl connection is only checked to the Main BT socket coming into your house, it does not have to work off any extentions even if they were professionally installed by BT.

extention leads can also wreck a signal especially the wind up jobs so stear clear of them. as you have a router you don't need to drag your pc around the house, just plug it into the main bt socket, and watch the lights to see if their steady.

as prof says when your near the end of the range you can lose connection, but i have also known this to happen when sky+ when into a household (although denied by bt and sky as affecting connection) but after running for 6 months on an extension and then crashing on the same day as sky+ fitted, it makes you wonder!

Anyway disconnect all things plugged in to your telphone sockets, plug the router in only in the main bt socket, if unsteady lights happen again, try a different filter, if unsteady again plug filters only (no phones etc) into all other sockets. if you get flickering dsl light again, you have had it, either a poor bt line or too far from exchange is the problem.
if successful gradually connect all other stuff back in, tel's faxes etc.

other things that can make a mess of things regarding wireless routers are microwave ovens powerful mobile phones, handheld radio walk about types. televisions and monitors. i crashed a wireless network by moving a pc 6 inches - a wireless signal won't penetrate the lead shield in a crt montor - duh.

hope thats of help

  Granger 11:14 19 Dec 2005

I'm on a 576 connection too, and had this trouble. Got myself a high quality cable (at work now and can't remember what it's called) to link from the phone box on the wall to my Speedtouch. Problem solved.

  olivalis 14:53 23 Jan 2006

At last I am back on line- just over 1 month!-thanksa bunch Tiscali !.I have spent a fortune on helplines, and had BT out to check the lines, after several toing and froing as to whose responsibility it was-Nothing wrong there. 3letters later a result- but it did take a nasty recorded delivery letter as advised by the DTI re breach of contract. That letter got me back on line within 48 hours. The problem is that these organisations are faceless and very difficult to find your way into to get beyond simple stuff.I was always left with the feeling that I was a complete clot, but the problem has now been sorted- presumably at some exchange or other, by Tiscali. Thanks for all the messages and help suggestions

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