Temporary Internet Files

  fredman 23:55 28 Apr 2003

I have just upgraded to IE6, the porblem I have is this.
How can I make this work?.
Go to My Computer right click Local Disk (C:), go to prpoperties, then
Disk Clenup, and then View Files, Content.IE5. how do I make it just go to
(Temporary Internet Files).I know you can click the dropdown page.
my os is ME.
Thanks in advance

  powerless 23:58 28 Apr 2003

Those files cannot be deleted and if you delete them they will reappear.

  fredman 01:48 29 Apr 2003

thanks Powerless.
you could be right,has I have deleted ever string in the reg that points to Content.IE5, then rebooted only to find the thing is back?.
ther must be a way.

  Tog 07:37 29 Apr 2003

You will lose any and all cookie data using this method, that includes automatic log-ons to websites.

Open IE6 and use the "internet options>delete cookies" option. Go into windows explorer, navigate to the "temporary internet files" folder and in there you will see another folder called "content.ie5". Rename it, any name at all. Answer yes at the prompt referring to system files and reboot. Windows will create a new content.ie5 folder at boot-up. The old folder will now now longer be protected under windows 9x and can be safely deleted.

If you want to delete ALL internet records, look for a folder called Windows\Cookies. In this folder you will find a hidden file called index.dat. To delete index.dat, go back to the content.ie5 folder, open the index.dat file in there using notepad (it should be no bigger than 32K) and then save it over the index.dat file in the windows\cookies folder. To do that properly, you will have to use "save as" navigate to the windows\cookies folder and either enclose the filename in quote marks "index.dat" or use select "all files" in the file type box and click on the index.dat file that is already present in the windows\cookies folder.

  Tog 07:39 29 Apr 2003

Sorry, I mis-read the post. The upgrade to IE6 doesn't bother to rename this directory. As you can see from my erroneous post above, it is rebuilt at boot-up if it goes missing

  temp003 09:30 29 Apr 2003

What exactly do you want to do?

If you just want to locate the folder Temporary Internet Files, it's at C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files. If you can't see it in Windows Explorer, enable Show all hidden files and folders in View.

If you want to delete the temporary internet files, you can do that more conveniently in Internet Options (Delete Files option), unless you want to delete files selectively. You can delete Cookies from there as well.

The Content.IE5 folder is a subfolder within the Temporary Internet Files folder. It is a system folder and will be re-created.

If you want to remove all traces of your activity, you want to delete the index.dat file from that folder, and the index.dat files in the History folder and Cookies folder under C:\WINDOWS

These index.dat files are safe to delete but cannot be deleted when you are in Windows. You can run a script to delete those files before Windows is loaded, or download a program like Spider to do it for you. They will be re-created every time you load Windows, but they will be new empty files.

  fredman 05:29 30 Apr 2003

Thank every one for your help.
I think I will do has temp003 suggested, and make new empty files.
But how or wear do I get Spider?.
thank all.

  temp003 06:54 30 Apr 2003
  wawadave 07:23 30 Apr 2003

you can get rid of theres temp internet files and other hiden files in m.e wit delindex.bat its free and you can get it a click here
read the read me files for it its writen for m.e only.

  fredman 09:38 30 Apr 2003

Thanks to "temp003" and "wawadave" this is now a
resolved item.
great help.

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