Temporarily transfer emails

  Jean-196853 07:21 01 Jul 2006

In work we have approximately 50 networked computers and only 1 'IT' person (a Director who has some knowledge of computers and went on a day's networking course).

Unfortunately he is out of the office quite often. We use Microsoft Outlook for emails and cannot use the Out Of Office automated reply (something to do with the way the account is set up).

So, if someone goes on holiday their emails need to be temporarily transferred to another persons inbox. Apparently, this is dead simple to do but I cannot find any instructions. Would also need to know how to transfer them back. This would save colleagues having to switch on that persons PC everyday to check and print off emails to be actioned.

Can anyone help please? Most PCs are working on XPSP2 but not sure if Outlook the same (MS Office 2000 Professional or newer).

  VoG II 08:23 01 Jul 2006

click here may help you but I don't understand why you cannot use the Out of Office reply.

  Jean-196853 08:51 01 Jul 2006

See reason below

The Out Of Office Assistant is a feature available with the Microsoft Exchange Server service. It is only available when the Microsoft Exchange Server information service is included in your profile, and you are connected to a functional Microsoft Exchange Server.

Tried rules wizard but need to set up a form. Don't know how to do this. Tried once and tried to save it but couldn't find the form to use afterwards!

  Batch 17:04 01 Jul 2006

Amazed that you get by with out any professional IT resource. 50 users on a network (presumably with external access, at least for emails) suggests that the whole set-up might be dodgy and insecure (open to viruses, hackers etc.) and at risk from system failures and loss of data. THIS MUST BE A MAJOR RISK TO THE BUSINESS AND ITS ONGOING VIABILITY.

Strongly suggest that action is taken.

  Jean-196853 09:06 03 Jul 2006

We do have an expert on call who charges an absolute fortune. We have Kaspersky AV and he ensures that everything is secure. We also have daily back-ups and one of the Directors takes the tape(s) home.

The problem is the IT expert is highly knowledgeable on the hardware side and, with regard to running the systems but not so au fait with the applications themselves.

  Batch 14:11 05 Jul 2006

Be interested to know what you call an "absolute fortune".

Personnaly, I would put £30-40p.h. on the low side.

Probably £50-70p.h. around average

£80+p.h. is getting high.

BTW, contrast this with labour charges for car servicing (typically £100+p.h. at a main dealer)or getting a washing machine fixed.

Be intersting to know what other think as well.

  Terry Brown 14:24 05 Jul 2006

As a temporary measure, create a dummy folder (my documents), open outlook & the dummy folder side by side on the screen. Click on the emails you need to transfer and drag to folder (they wil be automaticly saved as EML files). Open an email to the person you want to receive the mail, and send the folder.This also has the advantage of creating a permanant record of the Emails.
If yuou system is set so you cannot add attachments to your mail, this will not work.

  Batch 14:30 05 Jul 2006

I think what was being asked for was the ability to re-route whilst the member of staff is away.

  Jean-196853 07:13 07 Jul 2006


That is exactly what I was trying to do.

I thought it was really quite simple.

By strange co-incidence the IT guy was in sorting a few problems the other day and one new member of staff had just had training on using Outlook. When she got back to her PC and tried to send an email she could not access her address book (which had approx 25 entries in) through the To button in the email. The IT guy couldn't resolve it and has left it to me to export her address book (onto the main server)delete all the contacts and reimport the address book. Will this work?

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