Temporarily connecting 2nd hard drive

  oeufbum 20:27 03 Dec 2004

Hi All,
I have been helping a friend set up his new Dell PC and all of that went well. However, on trying to copy files from his old PC to its CD-RW, the drive gave up the ghost. Most of the components seem to be knackered (hence the new PC), it's running ME however I promised I'd take it home with me to have a look to see what I could do. As I thought the CD-RW is totally knackered (which is why he says he couldn't back anything up). I removed mine and installed on his and 2 hours later added yet 3 more duff CD-R's to the Xmas tree in my front garden. All went well at 1x speed - the max it could do - until it came to finalise, then told me there was a problem with the recording. I then tried adding an IR dongle (USB1 only on his PC) with software, but wouldn't/couldn't communicate with my laptop.
So, finally to the question.....I can see everything on his hard drive and it all looks okay. On my own PC, I am running XP with two hard drives, the OS being on the master. If I remove my slave hard drive, can I safely connect his hard drive in its place (ensuring its jumpers are set to 'slave' beforehand) to enable me to get whatever he wants off of it (about 300Mb of mainly jpegs/address books/favourites list, emails, etc? He assures me he regularly ran a virus scan (AVG - there's about 10 files still showing in the vault) and I ran scandisk a couple of nights ago - 27 hours to complete(!!) and reinstalled ME, obviously retaining the original file system.
What if any are the risks in 'piggy-backing' his hard drive onto mine in this way?
Thanks for your assistance in advance!

  igk 20:53 03 Dec 2004

I've done this several times over the years,just as you say make sure that you set the jumpers to "slave" the hard drive will then be "passive" so that if there are any nasties on it they should not transfer over,but it would be prudent to run a full virus scan on it before you attempt to recover any data from it and do not try to recover or click on any .exe files.
I am not that "up" on ME but if its file system is capable of/and is using NTFS and your using FAT32 then you will not be able to "see" the files on his hard drive. Hope this helps.

  woodchip 20:58 03 Dec 2004

Just set the jumper on the drive to slave and connect to a spare plug on the IDE ribbon cable and connect a spare power plug it does not need mounting in a bay. just make sure it's insulated from the chassis

  oeufbum 20:59 03 Dec 2004

Thanks for that. I forgot about the file system. In fact, I'm running NTFS but I suspect my mate's old PC with ME was on FAT 32 - I forgot to look when I had it rigged up to my monitor! I'll do a quick check later tonight.
Thanx again,

  woodchip 21:00 03 Dec 2004

Why not connect it in is new computer

  igk 21:02 03 Dec 2004

It would invalidate his guarantee with Dell and they don't need much excuse these days to renage on them!!!

  oeufbum 21:05 03 Dec 2004

thanks for the advice. I thought hard about that, but as his Dell is only 3 days old, I thought it best to leave the case on for a while!! However, wrt the file system (see igk's remarks above), it looks as though it can't be read on either mine or his (unless I reinstall ME yet again, using NTFS - if that's possible).
Thanx again,

  woodchip 21:06 03 Dec 2004

You can do it as you say with yours

  Graham ® 21:12 03 Dec 2004

As woodchip says, eggbum, your PC should read it fine.

  igk 21:15 03 Dec 2004

An ntfs file system CAN read fat32 but not the other way round.

  oeufbum 21:54 03 Dec 2004

Thanks a lot guys. Sounds as though I'm in business!

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