templates word 2000 for letters more than 1 page

  Rhodie 00:11 05 Nov 2004

I have created a letterhead template with company logo LHS & address RHS in the header, page number & Investors in people logo in the footer.
This template is okay for a one page letter but when I go to the 2nd page I need it to be a continuation sheet. I currently have to make a section break at end of 1st page, cut the headers & footers, then go to page setup and change to "different 1st page" then go back to the 1st page and paste the headers and footers in the 1st page and delete the address out of the header in the 2nd page.
Is there a quicker way of doing this?

  Peter 00:17 05 Nov 2004


How about you make your template a two page document, set up with different 1st page header and then delete the second page if it is not needed.

Alternatively make up two templates, one for single page documents and the second for multi-page documents as described above.


  Rhodie 00:30 05 Nov 2004

your 2nd suggestion isn't feasible as I will need to select the correct template at the outset and don't know if it will take two or more pages until I get to the end of the first page.
I have set up a fax cover sheet template using a microsoft offic fax template which automatically changes the 2nd page to a continuation sheet but I don't know how it is done.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 00:48 05 Nov 2004

1.Create the template and make it two pages long and create your headers/footers.

2.Go to File, Page Set Up, Layout and click tick in Different first page.

3.Go to page 2 of your template and remove the headers and footer from page 2. Save the template.

4.Now delete the blank lines to take back to first page only. Then save template again.

This should mean when you use the template it will start as a 1 page headed doc, but if you extend to further pages these will be without header. Hope it works. If not post back.

  Rhodie 01:31 05 Nov 2004

JaßîsFaß ˜ thanks - you're my saviour. I've messed around with this template for four years, having to change it everytime a letter runs into more than two pages.
Your instructions were spot on and both myself and my colleagues are now rid of the annoying frustration.

  Rhodie 23:17 21 Feb 2005

another problem with templates. Sometimes when I email a word document which is typed on above mentioned letterhead, the receiver can't open the attachment as it is a dat file and yet others can open it. The receiver has microsoft word so what is this dat file and why is the document appearing to receiver as a dat file?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 23:20 21 Feb 2005

it is not a .dot file type. Word templates usually have file extension of .dot. When you have written your document, do Save As and change file type to Word Document to get the usual .doc extension and then send the file.

  Simsy 09:20 22 Feb 2005

it might be, if the recipients who are experiencing this are doing so at work, that the employers server/anti-virus is treating all attachments as potential viru carriers and is converting the attachment to a .DAT file.

I know this happens at my work if an attachment is an .exe file, or a .zip file that contains an .exe file.

I presume it would be fairly simple to extend this protection to any files that might contain macros, which of course includes "Word" docs.

Apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree!



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