Temperatures inside my PC

  Halmer 11:50 19 Jun 2008

Following my earlier thread click here about my PC randomly shutting down and the amount of fluff that I found blocking the vents I have run Everest to get a report.

Can someone advise if these temperatures seem reasonable please now that I have cleaned it out?

Motherboard 39%C
CPU 29%
GPU 66%
Samsung HD 46%
Samsung HD 38%


  Ditch999 12:02 19 Jun 2008

Mobo = OK
GPU = A little high but it depends on the chip
HD 1 = A little high
HD 2 = OK

  Halmer 12:03 19 Jun 2008

So do I need to do anything and if so what please.

  Ditch999 12:07 19 Jun 2008

What is the graphics card?
You may need to clean the heat sink and fan on it.
A case fan at the front to provide air intake at the HDDs would relieve the HD 1 temp problem. Would HD1 be sitting on top of HD2 by any chance? If your case is capable you could separate them more by moving them apart.

  Halmer 12:08 19 Jun 2008

GPU is nVIDIA GEFORCE 6200SE Turbo Cache.

I assume the two Samsungs are the memory sticks and if so why would they run at different temperatures?

  Ditch999 12:16 19 Jun 2008

GPU temp is high then and I would recommend looking at the graphics card to see if there is fluff/dirt blocking it.

HD1 and HD2 are the hard disks which store your data and the operating system. They are not the RAM which is about 1.5" x 6" and very thin. The HDs are about 5" x 3.5" x 1" and are usually situated at the front of the case about half way up.

  Halmer 12:23 19 Jun 2008


  Halmer 08:56 20 Jun 2008

Front vents at the bottom which I missed from the outside were also pretty fluffed up and blocked but not too bad inside otherwise.

Bit of dust on the fans and at the bottom of the case/top of the hard drives which I carefully dusted off/vacuumed.

I assume the graphics card is the fairly big one with a fan on the side of it? Seemed fairly clean to me. Running at 62 c (don't know where the degree symbol is on my PC sorry!) as I type this.

Will see how I go.


  citadel 19:23 20 Jun 2008

graphics card temp nothing to worry about it can go higher, gpu can stand a lot more heat than cpu.

the graphics are very warm, my hottest 8800 ultra on idle is 56c, something isnt right somehow.

  citadel 22:12 20 Jun 2008

the core slowdown threshhold is 120c to 130c on nvidia cards,

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