Temperature too High??

  mikejd1972 21:31 10 Jun 2004

I have an ASUS A7N8X-VM motherboard, with AMD Athlon2600 processor. I downloaded SiSoft Sandra which said that the temperature of my motherboard is too high - 52C / 125.6F. Is this too high? my CPU was measured at 41C / 105.8F which is apparently fine.



  Fruit Bat 21:43 10 Jun 2004

mine got a bit warm this evening 71c so yours looks cool enough. SiSandra may not be accurate I us this MBM5 click here


  johnnyrocker 22:39 10 Jun 2004

might like to have tried that but seems not for xp


  VoG II 22:44 10 Jun 2004

Works on XP.

  Robotic_Rob 23:10 10 Jun 2004

mines been running between 45c and 60c on ma cpu these past few days. And 30c in ma case.

If your worried then they is cooling systems that have better coolin power than others. But you shouldnt be too bothered at your temperature as i believe its gettin seriously hot when it reaches 80+ on the cpu.

  €dstowe 06:41 11 Jun 2004

None of these temperature monitors give an accurate reading and Sandra reputedly gives poor (over)estimates.

Asus motherboards usually have a utility called Asus Probe.Do you have this installed (it's on the motherboard CD)? I would trust that more than anything Sandra told me.


  Mister Splendid 07:06 11 Jun 2004

I have an Asus A7V600 and use Asus probe to check it from time to time. The Northbridge temperature never shows higher than about 45C. It does seem to over read for the cpu temperature though, compared to the bios.

  mikejd1972 07:55 11 Jun 2004

Downloaded Motherboard Monitor which gave a lower reading than SiSandra, by about 5-6 degrees. Unfortunately didnt get cd that was supposed to come with the motherboard! Got my computer from MESH, checked the ASUS website but couldnt find a download for ASUS Probe. Might contact them direct to see if I can get a copy of the cd from them, rather than MESH who wouldnt provide the Windows XP cd, only a recovery disk!

Cheers Fruit Bat! At 71C I feel a bit more relieved!!



  €dstowe 09:30 11 Jun 2004

Asus probe click here


  mikejd1972 13:46 11 Jun 2004

Thanks for that! Probably couldnt see it for looking too hard, will have to download it when I get home later, cheers again!

  €dstowe 17:08 11 Jun 2004

Glad to help!


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