Temperature query

  BigRik 00:13 14 Dec 2005

Hi all.

After about an hour of playing F.E.A.R, it froze up on me.

Although my MB does have CPU overheating protection on it, Everest has given me the following temperatures:

MB (Asus A7N8X-VM)= 32c (90f)
GPU (GeForce 6600gt overclocked)= 59c (138f)
HDD (Maxtor 6Y160P0)= 37c (99f).

Can anyone tell me if these are all within acceptable parameters given the task they've just undertaken?

Many thanks.

  PaulB2005 00:16 14 Dec 2005

Seem fine. A little warm but fine.

Mine are

Asus A8N-SLi - 32 C
GeForce 6800 - 51 C
HDD - 28 C

However although mine go up when gaming as soon as you stop they'll come back down quickly.

Try NVTempLogger - click here to monitor your GPU temps.

  BigRik 14:18 14 Dec 2005

Hi PaulB2005, and thanks for your help.

To be honest, I wasn't completely convinced it was a heat problem but I wanted to be sure and eliminate it.

Having looked through other threads on game crashing, I'll now check for dust build-up (though it's not been long since I cleaned inside).

I've read it could also be a sound issue. I'm still using onboard sound at the moment, not a dedicated sound card.

Like I said, F.E.A.R froze completely (and is a bit jerky at times) and Call of Duty 2 has also froze, though just for a few seconds then springs back to life.

I know these games are fairly system intensive, and I'm sure I don't have what's classed as a gaming machine, so I think I just need to add a bit more RAM (512mb at the moment) and ease the workload on the CPU with a sound card.

Sound good Paul2005 (or anyone else!)?

  rmcqua 14:24 14 Dec 2005

I agree with PaulB2005. I don't think the temperatures you have monitored are anything to worry about. How's your CPU temperature?

  BigRik 16:33 14 Dec 2005

Thanks rmcqua.

The only temperatures Everest are showing me are the ones I put in my first posting, so either I'm not looking in the right place or the program can't display the CPU temperature.

  PaulB2005 07:52 15 Dec 2005

I would run a memory check - memtest - click here

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