Temperature problems

  flycatcher1 19:13 22 Aug 2008

My PCU expired with a loud bang and was replaced with a standard Trust unit - a bit noisy but OK.
My Nvidia 8800Gts Graphics idling temperature was 60C.
I decided to upgrade to a Corsair HX520W PCU which is very quiet but the Graphics Temp.is now 70C. The fan is working but just idling and the speed does not seem to increase with temperature.
Using a Flt.Simulator increases the temperature by only 3 or 4 degrees.

Any ideas and help would be appreciated - what are the implications of using the computer at the higher temps?


  RFB 19:37 22 Aug 2008

Have a look at the manufacturers specifications on the suggested running temperatures and adjust your bios to warn you if the system exceeds this.

  woodchip 19:49 22 Aug 2008

The Problem is not the PSU, its the graphics card Fan thats the problem

  woodchip 19:51 22 Aug 2008

The Problem is not the PSU, its the graphics card Fan thats the problem. You may be able to buy a new Fan from Maplins

  citadel 19:59 22 Aug 2008

temps for gpu can go a lot higher than cpu without damage, the auto slowdown and cut off will happen if it ever gets too hot. it can go to over 100c. airflow through the case is important, you should have a fan at the front drawing air in and one at the back expelling hot air.

  flycatcher1 22:27 22 Aug 2008

Thanks for all prompt responses.
woodchip. The Graphics Temp was 60 with the "old"PCU it only went up to 70 after the Corsair was fitted.
Citadel. I am considering extra fans but I bought the Corsair 'cos I wanted quietness.
RFB. I am looking at the manufactures spec because it may be possible that the PCU fan anly gets going when the temperature reaches a much higher figure. I have contacted Corsair for ideas.

  citadel 00:01 23 Aug 2008

you can get very quiet fans I have a 120mm below my psu controlled by a zalman fan mate 2. I only have it going at half speed.

  woodchip 12:01 23 Aug 2008


  johndrew 14:14 23 Aug 2008

I run two NVidia 6600GT graphics cards in SLI and was concerned that my temperatures were as high as 56 C so I contacted NVidia for help. You may find their response, copied below, gives you some reassurance and/or help.

"Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer Care.

The GPU has been tested up to 145C core temperature. The normal temperature is 65 -70C under load in a 72F / 40C environment.

If the temperature is higher, we recommend that you contact our add-in card partners for more specific information on video cards and the support they provide, as we do not produce or sell video cards. For this reason, we cannot provide direct sales or technical support to retail customers. Each add-in card producer creates different cards and packages using our chips.

Please use the link below to find a card manufacturer:
click here

NVIDIA Customer Care."

  flycatcher1 18:14 23 Aug 2008

Thanks for all help. I will digest the info and then, I think, that I will go for an extra fan.

johndrew. I would be very happy to have your temps. Thanks for the specific info - very helpful.

Corsair have responded to my contact and have asked for further info.

  flycatcher1 16:22 27 Aug 2008

It has been pointed out to me that my computer has no inlet OR exhaust fans. It was built by a local shop and I was assured that six fans should be enough cooling. There are three.

I am a bit choked when I see that,for example, Overclockers have a good case with two fans fitted for £35. Live and learn I suppose.

Thanks again for all help and suggestions.

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