Temperamental XP

  gabber82 18:11 30 Oct 2006

I built myself a pc 18 months ago and since then i've had the same problem which has no intentions of being fixed.

Basically, when i use XP as my OS it creates error reports left right and centre. alot of the times when i try to run programs, they appear in the processes part of task manager but they never load on screen. i usually have to end the process within task manager so i can make another attempt, failing that i have to reset the pc.

sound within games is also in issue, ive tried changing the settings within DXdiag but to no avail. it seems very stuttery when there's anything going on onscreen.

however, what makes is strange is that i use windows 2000 now and that's stable. rarely any problems with that. both with desktop programs and games. however, 2000 is on its way out and i also can't disable write combining (i suffer from corrupt polygons)

my pc is a 3ghz p4, gigabyte motherboard, unbranded 1gb memory, 120gb SATA hdd, sound blaster audigy sound card and nvidia 7600gt. i recently replaced my video card thinking that would make a difference but it hasn't. my next idea is the motherboard

anyone any ideas on how i can get XP to work? help with disabling write combining within windows 2000 would be appreciated too

  brundle 18:15 30 Oct 2006

"unbranded 1gb memory"...do a thorough check;
memtest click here

  Totally-braindead 18:16 30 Oct 2006

I would suggest that as it works fine with Windows 2000 there is nothing wrong with the motherboard its something to do with the way you are setting up windows XP, perhaps a driver issue.
Two things, can you post the make and model of your motherboard and can you confirm this is what you do when you install XP.
1 format hard drive
2 install xp
3 install motherboard drivers
4 finally install other drivers graphics card, printer etc etc.
Its step 3 I was wondering about really. Did you do this?

  skidzy 18:19 30 Oct 2006

Gigabyte mobo,can you post the model number please..such as Gigabyte GA71XE4 etc.

  gabber82 20:08 30 Oct 2006

i've just done a memtest and there were plenty of errors. would that cause the problems i'm having just now? just out of interest, why does 2000 not have similar issues?

i've installed xp and drivers in various combinations and nothing changes anything. did remember the motherboard drivers.

my motherboard is GA8S655FXL. checked out the website for updates, not too keen on flashing the bios (i noticed a couple of versions) but did try their auto update but only updated sata drivers.

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