Temp internet files. Vista Home Premium

  donmar 13:46 21 May 2007

Hello everyone

I have a new machine with Vista.In the temp. internet folder there is a vast number of files,cookies etc.

I delete them using IE internet options and they go but all come back next time I look,even after a reboot. I select them all and delete- same thing. They all go but are all back again next time I look.

Any ideas?

Thank you


  skidzy 15:19 21 May 2007

Try using ccleaner click here


Automatically delete your temp files
The Windows Vista Disk Cleanup Wizard does a nice job, however it does not delete your temp files unless they are over a week old. If you would like to automatically do this more frequently,
open Notepad and type the following on the first line:

cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local

and on the second line type:

rmdir /S /Q Temp

and save the file as removeTemp.bat.

Similarly, you can automate this process even more if you right click on the file, create a shortcut, and put that shortcut into your "Startup" folder. Whenever you log into Vista, the temp files from your previous session will be deleted.

  donmar 18:52 21 May 2007

Thanks skidzy

Installed ccleaner and ran it. Reported deleted files but after reboot I looked and they were still there.

Followed your temp bat instructions but I must have done it wrong because nothing seemed to happen at all.

Thanks for helping me.


I also have Ashampoo Optimizer which says it cleans out the surfing info. but it does the saame thing.

  skidzy 19:06 21 May 2007

sorry about the bat file,ive been working on this now for around an hour...and still cannot get it to work myself.Please accept my apologies.

I have come across that Vista will not delete any temp files that are less than a week old,only older ones.

Now i would assume there is a setting to reduce this time schedule,but yet to find it.

Ive been trying to find a workaround.

  donmar 21:09 21 May 2007

Hi skidzy
In IE---internet options-- settings there is an option to reduce the number of days history will be kept. I have reduced it to nil now and will see if they are gone tomorrow.

Will let you know.

Take care.


  skidzy 23:02 21 May 2007

i had seen that,but didnt think it would make a difference...especially after what i had read.

Ive been working on with the help of forum members on the bat file.
It seems it maybe a Vista bug or just so different from xp.

Good luck.

  donmar 11:01 22 May 2007


You are right,there were all still here this morning.
Guess it is yet another problem with Vista.

Take care

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