Tell me it's not true? - Windows Server 18:45 29 May 2007

I have always wanted a little server based network to play arround with. I finally got a little cash together and grabed a server os (Microsoft back office small business server 4 - Windows NT!)

I got an old computer together, and brought compants to upgrade it slighlty. I was just reading the Server OS manual and it said under intallation requirements for client computer;
'Your Windows 95 and Windows NT workstation computers......'

Call me a complete dumm thing and novie..but does every computer which will be a client on the network already need to be running a os?

I thought when you installed the client software on client computers, this included an operating system (in my case - windows nt)??!
Is this not the case?

Many thanks

  howard64 21:46 29 May 2007

the client pcs will not be able to connect to anything without an operating system installed. What you are thinking of perhaps is the old dumb terminal which did not have an os and just worked from the server. These were a completly different animal to a pc. 08:09 30 May 2007

oh! thanks howard64. That is very useful!

Does that mean that I can run any os, along with the windows nt server os?

Many thanks

  howard64 19:00 31 May 2007

I believe so but have never gone down the server route.

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