tell me the e mail has been opened...?but how

  end 07:18 09 Sep 2004

is this possible and if so how;
if I send an e mail to someone and wish to know that they have opened it ; this is possible with texts on my mobile, so should be possible with e mails.

I need to know that my emails to a particular address have been opened; apart from receiving a reply to the mail, is there a program I can use,or perhaps a type of "tracker" I can "attach" to the address from my end , so that I can be "advised" when the address is "opened" at the "receivers" end .....

hope i have explained that reasonable accurately:)

on win 98se and BB..and IE6
am hoping that in today"s "high-tech" world this should be possible.. so...the program please someone..........someone...:)

  Simsy 07:34 09 Sep 2004

under Tools>Options>Receipts you can tick the box that says, "Request a read receipt for all sent messages".

However, (as I understand it), wht this does is include with the email you are sending a request for an EMAIL TO BE SENT BACK TO YOU. The receiver of the email is asked if they want to send a receipt. As a receiver of such an email I always deline to send one, (because I don't want to slow down my dial up connection). Consequently it i snot a reliable method of knowing if your email has been opened/read.



  €dstowe 08:05 09 Sep 2004

I use this click here

It doesn't rely on any action from the recipient and if you have the paid for version, they don't even know about it.

I've used the program for a couple of years now and find it very helpful.

  beeuuem 08:08 09 Sep 2004

You could try click here
This is supposed to do what you want though I have not tried it.

  Andsome 08:29 09 Sep 2004

What a great tip. All downloaded, installed and tested. Thanks

  jack 08:48 09 Sep 2004

Thank you - yet another gem from your collection
you must have a humongus drive to hold all these little whizzers

  end 10:28 09 Sep 2004

thanks for the above; one problem, I use web based e mail for my main address; is there anything I can use with that?
meanwhile , will take a gander at how I can use this suggestion:)

  palinka 14:01 09 Sep 2004

like €dstowe, I use msgtag. On one computer I have the paid for version and on the other the free version. Only one drawback - you don't get a "tag" if you've sent a multiple mailing. otherwise excellent - and useful support service via email.

  end 17:52 09 Sep 2004

looks "interesting" but still "begs the question" as to its useability on web-based e mail? or am I going to have to use Outlook express to e mail the particular person to ensure a receipt....would prefer not to have to do that as very seldom use it...

  €dstowe 18:01 09 Sep 2004

The last time I looked at the msgtag website it stated that they were working on a system for web based mail.

I almost always use POP mail (Outlook or O.E) in preference to web mails services.

  end 18:10 09 Sep 2004

I cant see the point OF using it, so why USE it??if my mail IS web -based...or do I have no option?and of couse that also involves my using another of my e mail addresses.....
and yes, I have e mailed the tag people and received an automated response (naturally!!!).

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