Telewest - Netgear routers ?

  Minkey1 16:20 23 Mar 2006

Hi all

All being well, we complete the purchase of a house on 31/03, in a Telewest cabled street. Currently we have BT BB 2meg, but a postcode/number check indicates BT can only supply 512 at the new place. I did seek views on Telewest before, and the overall response was very favourable (backed up in PCA recent poll findings).

So - cheerio BT BB - we're going for the Telewest 4meg broadband elite, and their upgrade site indicates this will go to 10meg by April. Telewest advise the cabling internally is fibre optic, the modem can be sited anywhere, and there's no contention. What's not to like ?

Anyway, my question is - they supply a Webstar modem (model no N/K) and although don't directly support networking, they recommend Netgear for routers. I'd be looking for a wireless router with at least a 4 ethernet port capability.

Can anyone recommend a Netgear router matching these specs for use with a cable modem ?


  howard63 20:26 23 Mar 2006

I would go for a cable modem/router with built in firewall Misco do 1 for about £35 pounds. The combined unit is far better than a separate piece of kit on the end of the cable modem.

  Minkey1 20:43 23 Mar 2006

I did search on the usual suspects, but a lot of etailers don't make it clear if kit is optimised for cable, or ADSL, or both.

I didn't realise you could put the free one in a cupboard and buy your own combined cable modem/router - but I should have done - it's what I have now with BT.

Any particular kit then ?

  keewaa 21:52 23 Mar 2006

I don't know if you can buy cable modem router combined units. I think you have to use the cable modem supplied by your ISP.

I'd recommend the Netgear WGR614. Netgear are known for good range, and are easy to setup.

  mgmcc 22:00 23 Mar 2006

"keewaa" is absolutely correct. You *MUST* use the cable modem supplied by Telewest and connect a separate stand-alone "Cable/DSL" router to it (don't confuse the reference to "DSL" with the combined "Router/ADSL Modem" which is not suitable for use with Cable broadband).

  Minkey1 22:43 23 Mar 2006

Got it. Telewest recommend Netgear, and the WGR614 seems well rated, if a little "old" now, and only supporting WEP ? Had a look at Netgear's site and it is still listed, along with the 624 up to the 834 Mimo, at 3 times the price ! I know Netgear are a "big" name, so subject to budget constraints, would any do the job ?

  ade.h 23:11 23 Mar 2006

If it only supports WEP, don't buy it. Simple as that. As more and more wireless users pull their heads out of the sand and secure their networks, there becomes precious few soft targets for wardrivers. And if they have to crack a WEP network, they know how to do it and they have the software required to do it. It's freely available after all.

  keewaa 09:39 24 Mar 2006

You're safer to go directly to the manufacturers site for product information. The WGR614 does support WPA, as you would expect any reasonable products to. click here

Newer doesn't necessarily mean better as some of the pre-n and mimo kit can be very expensive and has it's own problems. But the Belkin F5D8230uk4 gets extremely good reviews, however remember you need the matching F5D8010uk or F5D8000uk to work with it properly and the desktop card might have some chipset compatibility issues.

When it comes to recommending something it really depends what the location will be, and the range you want.

  Minkey1 10:50 24 Mar 2006

OK some food for thought here. I'll tick it resolved till I get the keys and see how far in to the house Telewest are prepared to site their modem. Ideally I'd have liked the desktop connected by ethernet to the new router but as that PC will be at the back of the house, may need to go wireless on it as well as our 2 laptops.

I can post back then with ranges, walls etc. It's a 1912 stone built house so may need something with a bit of punch.

Thanks for all suggestions.


  keewaa 11:49 24 Mar 2006

I'd highly recommend to use ethernet to the desktop, as it is fixed and also means you can locate the wireless router in the best place for wherever you want wireless. You can use up to 100m of ethernet without problems (so they say) click here or get 30m at Amazon.

You're better to plan your network before Telewest arrive and then you tell them where you want it, even move the computer , just for the day, to where you want the modem, otherwise they might just put it in the easiest place for them.

I took an hour laying a piece of thin rope up the roof eaves, across the attic and drilled a hole down into the room at the back of the house where I wanted the modem. It was then simple for them to tie the cables to the rope and pull them through, so I made sure it was easier to put it where I needed it.

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