Telewest Cable broadband router

  [email protected] 19:41 18 Jan 2003
  [email protected] 19:41 18 Jan 2003

I want to link two PC's to my Telewest cable modem. Research tels me that the only way is to buy a router, as Telewest can only see one MAC address at a time, so a network hub is no good. Is this true??
I have found a Linksys Instant Broadband Etherfast Cable/DSL Router from DABS @ £52. Does anyone know if this will do the job and if there are any configuration problems?
Telewest seem to play down the suggestion that this is even possible.

  howard60 20:58 18 Jan 2003

you can set up internet connection sharing. this gets round the single mac address problem.

  eccomputers 22:01 18 Jan 2003

Isnt this a misconception?
Telewest usually supply a network card for connecting and its this that has to be registered. This means one connection. The same would be for a router. I cant see every network card on a network having to be registered. How could they tell if it went through a router?. Surely the router would have to have special software built in to detect and transmit mac addresses to telewest.

  Newuser2 22:30 18 Jan 2003

I've got my 2 pc's (both running Me & connected to Telewest broadband)) networked using a Belkin 5 port router. The network cards are ethernet cards as they are far quicker than a USB connection.
I had no probs setting it all up.
I'm sure I've seen the Belkin router for around £35. the cards are £10 ish & the cable well that depends on the length.
Belkin tech support is first class & it's a free call.
Also on their web site they have a networking wizard so you can work out exactly what you need.
I got my network cards & cable Telewest turned up connected my main PC & I did the rest.
Good luck.

  jazzypop 22:39 18 Jan 2003

If you wanted to plug PC 'A' into the BB, then unplug it and plug in PC 'B', you would have a problem, as Telewest use your network card's MAC address to verify that you are a valid subscriber. Each network card has a unique MAC address (as do routers).

However, unless you set your network up really badly (and Windows will warn you if you try), the only MAC address that Telewest will see is the one directly connected to their BB cable.

Your choices, therefore, are to use Windows' built-in Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), or a router.

If you choose the ICS route, the basic configuration for 2 PCs is as follows -

BB cable to network card 1 in PC 'A'. Ethernet cable from network card 2 in PC 'A' to network card in PC 'B'. If you want to connect more than 2 PCs, the sensible option is to take the Ethernet cable from network card 2 in PC 'A', and run it to a switch (or hub). The switch will then have multiple outlets, and each PC that is connected to it will be able to access the web through PC 'A'. Note that with ICS, with or without a switch, PC 'A' must be turned on in order to get access to the web.

The alternative is to connect the BB cable to a router. As this 'gateway' has it's own power supply, and multiple outlets, you simply connect as many PCs as there are outlets to the router. Any PC can then access the Web, independently of any of the others.

If you already have a Telewest account setup, most routers nowadays allow you to 'clone' the MAC address of a PC. This simply presents the MAC address of the pre-registered PC to Telewest (instead of the MAC address of the router), and avoids having to re-register.

Linksys have always been a good brand for me. DABS seem to be offering a good price.

  [email protected] 11:55 19 Jan 2003

If you use multiple computers at home, each network card MAC address has to be registered with Telewest (max 4). Telewest will only allow one MAC address at a time to be seen by their server, so a network running out of the back of the cable modem will not work. Without one of the options mentioned in the above string, the cable modem has to be powered down, and the second PC with recognised MAC address connected before powering back up. This is Telewest's preferred option. I have heard that putting two network cards in one PC can cause conflicts, so I think that my best option is the router (£35 - £50) connected to the network card on each PC, and cloning one of the recognised MAC addresses onto the router. It also means that you don't have the inconvenience of leaving the 'master' PC switched on for the 'slave' to connect to the cable modem.

  fitfella29 12:16 19 Jan 2003

ive got 3 computers networked together thru my blueyonder 1mb only need to have the main pc`s mac address registered with blueyonder.

im using a belkin 4 port router very easy to set up had no problems with it since i got it about a year ago. have the same router in for £49.99 half the price i paid for mine.

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