Telewest broadband network

  bolo 21:53 09 Jun 2003

Iv'e just had telewest broadband installed I am want to network a second machine to share the same connection, both machines use xp pro and obviously have network cards, which are using straight network cables as the broadband modem connects to a hub. The primary machine is connected but the second one does not see the connection any ideas? is it a configuration issue or am I mising something else?

  muppetmark 22:01 09 Jun 2003

I believe you can only have 1 network card MAC address in use at one time, each comp has a different MAC address, until both are registered with BY you will only be able to use one of the comps online unless you connect via a router or through the primary comp, which would need you to set up ICS and require a second network card.

  bolo 22:56 09 Jun 2003

does a network hub have it's own IP address? the reason I ask is the Blueyonder fitter said my network card Ip address is registered with them and if I was to change the network card I would have to ring up and give the new IP address.

  User-312386 23:20 09 Jun 2003

you can register as many mac addresses as you like at the telewest site

i have 2 registered with them click here once logged into selfcare, click on the "Your network interface MAC address" link

and then add the new one

to get your MAC address on each machine.

Click 'Start', then 'Run'
In the resulting dialogue box, type 'cmd' and then press <enter>

In the command prompt window you have just opened, type ipconfig /all

This command will usually give you a large amount of information, including the MAC address of the network card of the machine you're on.


  rev.bem 23:23 09 Jun 2003

My brother uses Blueyonder broadband on two home PCs using network cards and a cable both PCs can be used on the internet at the same time.
Initially he had the same problem as you which in his case was caused by the firewall on his primary PC not allowing the second one access.

  bolo 01:30 10 Jun 2003

Thanks all for the info they're very good leads. We were definatly looking for independent access to the net on either pc where the primary pc did not have to be on.

  bolo 18:45 10 Jun 2003

does a network hub have it's own mac address?

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