Telewest Blueyonder Self Care - Username (WebSite)

  Jester2K 12:55 01 Mar 2004

Lets see if PCA can do better than Telewests own reply which was an auto-reply to show that the person "dealing" with the question didn't read or understand the question.

Under the Self Care stats for my website there is a section called UserNames. My own Username is listed as logging in 50 or so times last month but there always seems to be 2 - 6 other names logging in too...

Anyone know whats these are or why they appear?

Has someone else got access to my webspace?

  Jester2K 13:00 01 Mar 2004

This i what i mean - click here

  Jester2K 15:06 01 Mar 2004


  anon1 15:08 01 Mar 2004

That looks to me like you have stats enabled which shows visitors to your website. It does not mean that they have access to be able to change it.

  Jester2K 15:10 01 Mar 2004

I get more vistors than that!

Its the "usernames" bit that makes me wonder! Why would a visitor have a "username"??

  Jester2K 21:41 01 Mar 2004


  Taran 22:47 01 Mar 2004

I'm not sure that I can add anything to my response in your mirror thread.

I think this is something you need to discuss in full with your ISP.

I have a couple of possible ideas but a lot of ISPs differ in how they run their user web accounts, directories and so on. As such, I could just be sounding off and chasing the wind.

  Sir Radfordin 23:04 01 Mar 2004

Tell me how you get the stats and I'll tell you what I've got ;)!

  Jester2K 07:32 02 Mar 2004

Taran - cheers. I don't have any passwords on the site except the one to upload my pages so i should be the only user logging in...

Sir Radfordin - I go to the Self Care Section and log in - click here

Then bottom right "Site usage (Detailed)"

Click on a month

Click "Users" at the top...

  Taran 09:36 02 Mar 2004

You're absolutely sure that you have no .htaccess files in your web ?

Normally usernames are logged when accessing the site via .htaccess protected directories or in some cases FTP.

A few things spring to mind here:

Your ISP/host could be conducting regular checks of their users web directories.

Don't get on your high horse about this.

Most hosts do this but they normally do it with server side scripts that scan for particluar files and file types/versions.

It allows them to find out if their systems could be compromised by people running old and vulnerable versions of form mailer scripts, among other things, that spammers or in some cases even hackers could use. If you are using something like this it is only a matter of time before you get an email asking you to remove the offending item from your web or it will be removed for you.

Sometimes a hosts administrators may leave a log in trail when running account checks but most sysadmins would run an automated scanning script without logging into each account and you can set the stats not to record certain usernames belonging to the web host, so...

I have, in the past, seen web hosts arrange their systems where a shared account was further sub-divided into subwebs for general 'free' ISP webspace. Many ISPs used to do this as an inexpensive way of managing a series of Your_username/ style of web directory naming. You could find that the usernames are being logged as gateway entries but that the other names only see their own files and folders on their own web sub-folders once they have logged in.

I'm stretching it a bit here I know but it is possible and, when you think about how many users an ISP has to provide for, if they can cut corners on services that offer no real return many of them will.

Frankly I still say you should ask them outright why you have alternate usernames logged in your stats when you don't use http based authentication on your site. You'll very probably find that the reasons are quite harmless, but at least you'll know.

  Sir Radfordin 10:00 02 Mar 2004

Tried that but didn't get very far as the image that should be shown doesn't load! Will have to find another PC to test it on as I expect I've got some random security thing stopping it.

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