Telewest BB Upload Speeds

  BBez 09:36 07 Feb 2005

hope someone can help here, i've got 1MB BT BB connection and my girl has Telewest 1MB BB connection in her house...

I run FTP Server from my BT BB connection and if a single client is connected (e.g. i'm downloading from my PC to hers, i get 30k transfer rate which is what BT BB give me on upstream)...

If i upload from my girl's PC to my Server i'm only getting 15k transfer even though i'm the only FTP account with write permissions...

I've checked the server as i've got load balancing configured and that ain't the issue...

My question is, does Telewest cap upstreams at 15k or is this another issue...

thanks in advance...

  dagwoood 09:57 07 Feb 2005

BBez, the upload speed for the Blueyonder 1MB service is 128 kilo bits, so the figure your getting of 15 kilo bytes is about right.

HTH, dagwoood.

  BBez 10:16 07 Feb 2005

thanks for the info, that's cleared things up :~)

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