telewest bb 1mb comparisons

  second best 17:26 30 Jan 2004

i have just upgraded to telewest b/b 1 mb. it was done earlier to day, i have called them to confirm. however, ten minutes ago i went to the web site to do a test of dload speeds, and it was onlt 230 kbps. can anyone give me a comparison, or suggest free software so i can monitor the dload speeds from my desktop?

  VoG II 17:28 30 Jan 2004

click here

My recollection is that it takes a while to be "done" and you have to turn your cable modem off, wait 2 mins, then on again. Have you done this?

  second best 17:34 30 Jan 2004

no vog, i havent done that yet. they said they would send me an email, but i hhavent recieved one. the same advice may have been in it. i was planning on doing it now though, so i'll update this thread in a little while. i'll also try the dload test you mentioned. cheers.

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